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・冬用キルティングジャケットM-Lサイズ1枚 ザックのメインコンパートメント容量40%程度使用(自転車やハイキングで体温が上がった時を想定)
・冬用厚手のウールセーターM-Lサイズ1枚 ザックのメインコンパートメント容量20%程度使用
・スポーツシューズ1足+スポーツウェア上下(半袖・ショートパンツ)+タオル+ソックス 容量の70%程度使用
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I am so glad to find this 30L size of the Spider. It is exactly what I was looking for. I have only had it a week and have tested it a lot inside, but have not gone on a trip with it yet.
+ Seems durable and feels very light.
+ Big bottom-front pocket for shoes or wet stuff... or just for keeping the load sorted. You also get real easy access to your stuff in the main compartment from the bottom up which can save a lot of digging.
+ The back inside Water-bladder (or Computer?) pocket goes deep, all the way to the bottom of the pack, separate from and behind the bottom exterior pocket. This pocket/contents are not accessible from the bottom outside. I find this is a dandy place to keep documents and paperwork safely stowed.
+ The various adjustment straps can keep air between your back and the pack nicely.
+ There are enough pockets and clip-on spots to be well organized but not too many to get confusing.
+ The upper and lower compression straps are real easy to use and help hold a smaller load in place when you don't fill up the 30ltrs.
+ It's so comfortable I don't want to take it off!

Con: No cons, just personal preference:
**I would like a compression strap on the bottom center as well so when the bottom pocket is not full, it could be cinched up too.
**The chest strap has much too much length for me so I need to band it up or cut it off a bit.
**The color options are decent, but I would like all black fabric on the outside with a citrus interior color. I will use this for business travel so prefer it to look sedate. However a more zippy inside color helps the attitude and the eyes.
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