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Amazon Currency Converter

When you purchase eligible items from the website, and your card is denominated in certain currencies other than Japanese Yen (JPY), you may be able to pay in either the local currency of your card or in JPY. If your local currency is supported by Amazon Currency Converter, we'll show you the total amount of your order in your local currency on the order summary page so you won't have to guess about how much it will cost in your local currency.

Some frequently asked questions are listed below. Click the question to view the answer.

How it works

Ordering using the Amazon Currency Converter

What is the Amazon Currency Converter?

With Amazon Currency Converter, our international customers using a Visa Card or MasterCard denominated in supported currencies can pay for their purchase at using either the local currency of their card or Japanese Yen (JPY). We'll do the conversion automatically when a qualifying order is placed.

How is Amazon Currency Converter more convenient for me?

Amazon Currency Converter makes purchasing at convenient in many ways, including:

Will buying from using my local currency make my purchase less expensive?

When you buy in Japanese Yen (JPY) at with a card denominated in a supported currency other than JPY (for example, a Euro-denominated card), the payment is converted from JPY to your local currency by your card company. In addition to the exchange rate, you may be charged additional foreign conversion charges and fees, which may increase the overall cost of your purchase.

With Amazon Currency Converter, your purchase total will be converted into your local currency while you're placing your order. In many cases, your purchase will be less expensive than using your card to make the purchase in Japanese Yen (JPY), as we offer a competitive exchange rate that includes any charges or fees related to the conversion.

Of course, you will always have the choice to pay in JPY if you prefer. Your card will then do the conversion for you.

Does buying in my local currency cost me anything? Are there any additional fees?

The applicable exchange rate, which you can view by clicking the "View Exchange Rate" button while placing your order, includes all fees and charges for the conversion. There are no additional fees. The order total you see during checkout will be the amount reflected on your card statement.

How do I qualify to use the Amazon Currency Converter?

To qualify to use the Amazon Currency Converter:

Note that the items you're purchasing may not include Amazon gift certificates / Amazon shopping card. Additionally, orders placed with 1-Click do not qualify for currency conversion.

What payment methods and currencies are supported?

We currently offer Amazon Currency Converter when you use a Visa Card or MasterCard denominated in one of the following supported currencies:

How does Amazon select the local currency applicable to my order?

The Amazon Currency Converter uses several pieces of information, such as your billing address, to determine your local currency.

Why doesn't the exchange rate used by Amazon Currency Converter match the one that I see in newspapers or other websites?

Foreign exchange rates listed in newspapers or elsewhere are generally wholesale or inter-bank rates that are not available for retail consumers. However, Amazon is consistently working to provide you with competitive foreign exchange rates.

Can I pay in local currency when using a Amazon gift certificate / Amazon shopping card?>

At this time, Amazon gift certificates / Amazon shopping card cannot be used to pay for your order in local currency.

How do I view/place my order in local currency or Japanese Yen?

If you place an order supported by Amazon Currency Converter, we'll display your order in your local currency automatically on the final page before you submit your order. Click the "Switch Currency" button and choose the "JPY" option to view and place the order in JPY.

After you've placed your order, log into Your Account and click the "Go!" button to view open and recently shipped orders. Locate the order you want to view, and click the "View Order" button.

How can I view the actual exchange rate used for my order?

You can view the applicable exchange rate by clicking the "View Exchange Rate" link while placing your order.

What exchange rate does Amazon use for refunds?

We'll use the original exchange rate used for your order when processing the refund.

If I cancel an order but then change my mind, can I get the original exchange rate?

If you cancel your order but then change your mind and re-order the same items, the exchange rate may be different from the applicable rate at the time you previously viewed the item. The rate for each individual order is determined at the time the order is placed. The currency type and rate is determined at the time you place an order.

Amazon Currency Converter is using the wrong currency type (for example, EUR instead of GBP). Can I select the right one?

You can pay for your order either in JPY or the selected currency type using Amazon Currency Converter; at this time, you are not able to select a different currency. In some cases, we might not be able to figure out the right currency type to use. If this happens, you'll need to use JPY to pay for your order by clicking on the "Switch Currency" button on the final page when submitting your order. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we are working diligently to improve the methods we use to figure out the correct currency type.

Can I pay in local currency for an item that isn't available right now?

No. At this time, we offer the Amazon Currency Converter only when the items are in stock. You cannot use Amazon Currency Converter if the items you want to purchase are out of stock or if the items are only available for pre-order.

I placed my order using 1-Click and did not see the option of reviewing the price in my local currency. Why?

Currently, 1-Click customers can place orders only in JPY. We hope to improve Amazon Currency Converter in the future to support 1-Click transactions.

I changed my order placed in my local currency using Your Account, and now I see the order total in JPY only. What happened?

If you change your existing order, Amazon Currency Converter recalculates the eligibility and currency type based on the updated information. If the updated information makes the order ineligible for conversion to local currency, the order can only be placed in JPY.

I thought my order would be charged in local currency, but it wasn't. Why?

Unfortunately, you cannot review and place orders in your local currency if you had any of the following items in your shopping cart:

 Additionally, if you paid for your order with a Amazon gift certificate / Amazon shopping card, you used a card other than Visa Card or MasterCard, or used 1-Click to place the order, your order wouldn't qualify to be paid in your local currency. Alternatively, your currency may not be supported.