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You can ship items sold on to countries other than Japan if international shipping is available as a shipping option. Which items you can ship and shipping charges vary depending on the delivery address.

AmazonGlobal International Shipping

You can ship items that are eligible for AmazonGlobal international shipping to the following regions:

Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Palau, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Poland, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela

International Shipping (Import Fees Unpaid)

You can ship items that are eligible for International Shipping (Import Fees Unpaid) to the following regions:

Andorra, Albania, Armenia, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Benin, Brunei Darussalam, Bolivia, Botswana, Belarus, Belize, Cameroon, Djibouti, Dominica, Algeria, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gabon, Georgia, Ghana, Guam, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Croatia, Haiti, Iceland, Jamaica, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Kiribati, Kazakhstan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Lesotho, Morocco, Moldova, Madagascar, Macedonia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Mauritania, Mauritius, Maldives, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Palau, Paraguay, Rwanda, Solomon Islands, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Suriname, El Salvador, Swaziland, Togo, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, Vanuatu, Samoa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

The available shipping locations of ​​ items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers vary depending on the seller. Check the order confirmation screen.


  • Shipping companies can't deliver products to an area that they don't cover, including areas where there is social unrest or where natural disasters have occurred.
  • Your order may be subject to taxes (duties, VAT, etc.) when clearing customs, as well as other customs fees for some countries. Taxes are calculated based on the item amount stated on the invoice and shipping charges. For more information, see About Customs, Duties & Taxes or VAT on E-Commerce.
  • For non-document shipments to India, the recipient must submit appropriate documentation to DHL to prevent illegal transportation of goods. Visit to upload and submit the power of attorney and KYC (Know Your Customer) documents required for customs clearance. If you don't submit the required documents to DHL within five days of your package arriving in India, they may not be able to deliver it.

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