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Geoffrey Gilbert: Gentleman of the Flute

A biographical look into the colorful life and career of the influential and inspirational British flutist, Geoffrey Winzer Gilbert. In the orchestral world, he had a giant reputation. As a player and as a teacher, he had a world-wide influence on flute playing. Featuring interviews with family, colleagues and some of his prominent students - including Sir James Galway & William Bennett OBE.



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ジャンル ミュージックビデオ・コンサート, ドキュメンタリー
監督 Tami Salame
主演 William Bennett, Sir James Galway, Monya Winzer Gilbert
助演俳優 Angeleita Floyd, Trevor Wye, Ian Clarke
提供 Winzer Productions
プロデューサー Monya Winzer Gilbert
オーディオ English
購入の権利 今すぐストリーミング 詳細
フォーマット Prime Video(オンラインビデオをストリーミング)
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