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The Wackiest Works of Tex Avery 1955





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Select works from one of the best and most famous animators from the Golden Age of animation, Frederick Bean "Tex" Avery.

Daws Butler, Bill Thompson



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1. Blitz Wolf

The Three Little Pigs fend off the evil Adolf Wolf.

言語: English 再生時間: 9 分 初公開日: 1942年8月22日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
2. Who Killed Who?

A detective attempting to solve a murder mystery is confronted with more suspects than clues.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1943年6月19日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
3. Screwball Squirrel

Screwy Squirrel interrupts a sweet little squirrel's film to provoke Meathead the bird dog to chase him.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1944年4月1日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
4. Happy-Go-Nutty

A watch-dog pursues Screwy Squirrel after he escapes from Moron Manor, an asylum from screwy squirrels.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1944年6月24日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
5. Big Heel-Watha

The tribe is suffering a meat shortage so the chief offers his daughter's hand in marriage as a prize to the first brave to bring home fresh meat.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1944年10月21日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
6. The Screwy Truant

Screwy Squirrel is pursued by a truant officer.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1945年1月13日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
7. Jerky Turkey

After landing at Plymouth Rock, one pilgrim discovers preparing for Thanksgiving is harder than it sounds.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1945年4月7日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
8. The Shooting of Dan McGoo

An adaptation of Robert Service's poem, "The Shooting of Dan McGrew", starring Droopy.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1945年4月14日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
9. Swing Shift Cinderella

Stalked by the Wolf, Cinderella's fairy-godmother, who takes a liking to the Wolf, helps her prepare to sing at a nightclub before her shift at the plant begins.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1945年8月25日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
10. Wild and Woolfy

The Wolf rides into town kidnapping the pretty saloon girl, but the outraged townspeople, accompanied by Droopy, are hot on his trail.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1945年11月3日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
11. Bad Luck Blackie

A kitten is mercilessly tormented by a mean bulldog until he meets a black cat who offers his bad-luck service to teach the bulldog a lesson.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1949年1月22日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
12. Doggone Tired

A crafty rabbit does everything he can to keep an energetic hunting dog awake so he won't catch him.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1949年7月30日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
13. Little Rural Riding Hood

A country wolf is invited by his city cousin to forget about the country girl he likes and visit the city to see a real Red Riding Hood.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1949年9月17日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
14. Daredevil Droopy

Droopy and Spike compete for an acrobatic dog opening in The Great Barko's show.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1951年3月31日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
15. Droopy's Good Deed

Overhearing about a chance to win a trip to Washington, DC to meet the president, Spike replaces a young honor scout to compete with Droopy for the prize.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1951年5月5日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
16. Symphony in Slang

Unable to understand the slang of a recently deceased young man, St. Peter seeks the help of Noah Webster, creator of the dictionary, for help recording the man's life story.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1951年6月16日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
17. Droopy's Double Trouble

When the head butler leaves on trip with the master Droopy calls his twin brother for help caring for the mansion.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1951年11月17日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
18. Rock-A-Bye Bear

An extremely noise-sensitive bear adopts Spike from the City Dog Pound to take care of his house through the winter, but a rival from the Dog Pound tries to take his job.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1952年7月12日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
19. Drag-A-Long Droopy

Droopy, a sheep rancher, and a cattle rancher go to war over the right graze their livestock in cattle country.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1954年2月20日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
20. Billy Boy

A farmer is eaten out of house and home by a billy goat mysteriously left on his doorstep.

言語: English 再生時間: 5 分 初公開日: 1954年5月8日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
21. Homesteader Droopy

When Droopy's new homestead ruffles the feathers of Dishonest Dan, a cattle rustler,

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1954年7月10日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
22. The Flea Circus

After Pepito's flea circus runs away to live on a dog, Francois, the lone remaining flea, promises to find more fleas for his circus.

言語: English 再生時間: 6 分 初公開日: 1954年11月6日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100
23. Field and Scream

A documentary chronicling the outdoor exploits of Ed the sportsmen.

言語: English 再生時間: 7 分 初公開日: 1955年4月30日
購入 HD(高画質) ¥100


監督 Tex Avery
主演 Daws Butler, Bill Thompson
提供 Tex Avery
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