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[Hosai, Arina]のThank you for being there (English Edition)
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Thank you for being there (English Edition) Kindle版

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新品 中古品
¥ 320

紙の本の長さ: 59ページ タイプセッティングの改善: 有効 Page Flip: 有効
言語: 英語
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"Thank you for being there."

Arina Hsai in 2003



Thank you for being there.
Filled with my thank-yous, this page is for you.
I've stuffed it full of my gratitude.
Please, take it as it is.
Thank you truly, so very much.

Thank you for being there.
Sometimes, I feel like crying, but that's not often.
Always, lots of laughter.
Always, lots of happiness.
Because you're there for me.
Thank you, lots and lots.

"Thank you for being there."
By Arina Hosai originally published, 2003,
Publisher : Kousaidou Syuppan Co.Ltd, Japan
#104-0061 3-7-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
tel 03-3561-1160
Originally book illustration and covered design by Miss Sakiko Ishimura
ISBN4-331-51026-3 C0095


(01) Sun
(02) Moon
(03) Earth
(04) Cloud
(05) Mountain
(06) Forest
(07) Wind
(08) Head cold
(09) River
(10) Water
(11) Light
(12) Flower
(13) Bird
(14) Goldfish
(15) Rainbow
(16) Star
(17) Cup
(18) Snow
(19) Umbrella
(20) Pencil
(21) School
(22) Lightning / Thunder
(23) The Past
(24) The Present
(25) The Future
(26) Window
(27) Stairs
(28) Schoolyard
(29) Road
(30) Traffic Light
(31) Bath
(32) Soap
(33) Soap Dish
(34) Towel
(35) Electric Fan
(36) Heater
(37) Pillow
(38) Book
(39) Telephone.#1
(40) Telephone.#2
(41) E-mail
(42) Movie
(43) Music
(44) Photographs
(45) Lamp
(46) Sweater
(47) Strawberry
(48) Ice
(49) Wrist Watch
(50) Evening Rainshower
(51) My Beloved

(28) Schoolyard

Thank you for being there.
You were the big schoolyard, where we played, day after day.
After a long time away from home, I came and visited you
And you were so tiny, my eyes welled with tears.

(49) Wrist Watch

Thank you for being there.
You're essential for arranging to meet someone.
But are you sure you keep time properly?
It seems like time goes really slow until we meet
And then it just flies by.
Oh well, thank you, anyway.


"Thank you for being there"
Original title: "Anata ga itekurete arigato"
by Arina Hosai, 2003,
Publisher: Kousaidou Syuppan co.S.A.,
#104-0061 3-7-6 Ginzas, Chuo-ku, such Tokyo Japan
Original illustrations and original cover by Sakiko Ishimura
ISBN4-331-51026-3 C0095
Cover of the English edition by Hiroyuki Chiba 2013
Translated by HMC and staff 2013



  • フォーマット: Kindle版
  • ファイルサイズ: 3835 KB
  • 紙の本の長さ: 59 ページ
  • 出版社: Arina Hosai; 1版 (2013/4/29)
  • 販売: Amazon Services International, Inc.
  • 言語: 英語
  • ASIN: B00CL0V5K6
  • Text-to-Speech(テキスト読み上げ機能): 有効
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