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Spring Broke (英語) ハードカバー – 2004/4/1

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Nathaniel Welch was born in 1966 in Miami. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Time, GQ, Rolling Stone, and Interview, among other publications. Welch lives and works in New York City and Los Angeles. Steve Appleford is editor of Los Angeles CityBEAT, a weekly newspaper. His work has also appeared in Rolling Stone, GQ, and the Los Angeles Times. Appleford lives in Los Angeles.


  • ハードカバー: 120ページ
  • 出版社: powerHouse Books (2004/4/1)
  • 言語: 英語
  • ISBN-10: 1576872076
  • ISBN-13: 978-1576872079
  • 発売日: 2004/4/1
  • 商品パッケージの寸法: 28.4 x 24 x 2 cm
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  • Amazon 売れ筋ランキング: 洋書 - 2,036,806位 (洋書の売れ筋ランキングを見る)
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Amazon.com: 5つ星のうち HASH(0x94bccf48) 5 件のカスタマーレビュー
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5つ星のうち HASH(0x95d60a2c) Larry Clark + Where the Boys Are 2004/8/7
投稿者 Kevin Killian - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
What's happening to the youth of today? Well, number one, they're having a hell of a lot of fun and you can see the results in Nathaniel Welch's book SPRING BROKE.

One girl has a T shirt that says, "I'm not an alcoholic, I'm a drunk. Alcoholics go to meetings." She looks a bit like the very young Cybill Shepherd, with Shepherd's cockeyed superiority, as though she were in on the joke, even if the joke was on her. Welch is a fine photographer and one wonders how he got releases from some of his subjects, especially the two boys and three girls he photographs making out in the shower. The girls are wearing thongs, I guess to preserve decency, but the one boy's just wearing a backwards baseball cap. When they're US Senators will they be trying to suppress these photos? Who can tell, in another twenty years spring break may be happening all year round and maybe even in the senate chamber.

The funniest photo may be the one of the tiny hotel refrigerator completely filled with alcohol, beer and mixers. You couldn't even fit in a radish if you wanted to.

Potentially an incendiary book, SPRING BROKE plays it cool and doesn't take sides. You have the feeling that Welch, who must be nearly forty by now, has a true love for these kids akin to Larry Clark's. Good work all around.
10 人中、10人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち HASH(0x95d60a80) whistful and disturbing 2005/3/11
投稿者 Eric Oliver - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
Despite its title, this is not a "girls gone wild" in hardcover, but rather a series of thoughtful portraits about the desperate and sad reality behind the drunken revelry of spring break. Welch's photos are stark and honest without being lurid or judgmental. The book really captures the whole profane youth culture that is informed more by beer ads and porn films than anything else. Welch is a top-flight photographer and this book highlights his talents to a great degree.
5つ星のうち HASH(0x95d60eb8) Interesting Imagery 2013/2/20
投稿者 againstagamemnon - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
I haven't had time to really sit down and examine the images closely, but Nathaniel Welch seems to be quite adept at photographing youth, beauty, and especially excess. The compositions in this book are stellar.
21 人中、5人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち HASH(0x94bce2a0) "Higher" Education 2004/11/16
投稿者 Edward Post - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
Might be a usefull book if you are a parent trying to get your kid into re-hab, othewise... don't bother. Not worth the trouble, and a rather sad commentary on "higher" education.
27 人中、7人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち HASH(0x94bce384) A Very Lame Book 2004/6/2
投稿者 カスタマー - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
This is a book of pictures of jocks and women who dig them, getting hammered.
"Yet Welch accepts, and even embraces, these raunchy rituals of extreme adolescence, alloing [sic] a strange sense of sadness to pervade. The morning after, broken spirits are left to reflect on their senseless acts, pack their bags, and head home.
...yeah, right. So why on earth would anyone want a book full of this? "Strange sense of sadness..." sounds like a fancy term for pathetic.
Don't waste your money on this book.
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