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Solo Piano Works 1 Import

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  • CD (2000/1/1)
  • ディスク枚数: 1
  • フォーマット: Import
  • レーベル: Eroica Classical
  • ASIN: B00000FDGM
  • EAN: 0714548300026
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  1. Seven Sketches: Portrait of a Girl
  2. Seven Sketches: See Saw, Dickory Daw
  3. Seven Sketches: Lento
  4. Seven Sketches: Non troppo lento
  5. Seven Sketches: Roumanian Folk Melody
  6. Seven Sketches: In Walachian Style
  7. Seven Sketches: Poco lento
  8. Sonata 1926: Allegro moderato
  9. Sonata 1926: Sostenuto e peasante
  10. Sonata 1926: Allegro molto
  11. Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances: Four Old Tunes
  12. Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances: Scherzo
  13. Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances: Ballad
  14. Fifteen Hungarian Peasant Songs and Dances: Nine Old Dance Tunes
  15. Four Dirges: Adagio
  16. Four Dirges: Andante
  17. Four Dirges: Poco lento
  18. Four Dirges: Assai andante
  19. Allegro Barbaro


This set (this is the first out of seven CDs), would make an ideal introduction to Bartok's piano music, especially if you are still unfamiliar with the bulk of it. These are urbane, honest, eminently intelligible interpretations that will draw the uninitiated into the texts of this extraordinarily rich music. In her exhaustive survey of his complete piano works June de Toth proves herself a smart, solid, and reliable pianist. She offers thoughtful and often eloquent readings that reject both hysteria and the kind of kamikaze approach of so many young piano lions. Its overall sobriety and discipline is such that the music speaks for itself. She fathoms each solo piano work as a kind of apposite gestuary of hemiolas and unnerving hesitations, and as the stuff of musical speech. If Bartok was Hungary's answer to Moussorgsky, nowhere is it more evident than here. Capturing the essentially trochaic inflections of Hungarian speech with the knowing temperament of a native (Ms de Toth is full blood Hungarian) she lays out the keyboard songs with the patrician air of an old storyteller at a family gathering. Whatever one's ideas and taste may be in interpretation of Bartok, her performances are persuasive. Take particular note of her attractive readings of the 14 Bagatelles: these she portrays with a kind of arid simplicity that enhances their now playful, now lonely ethos.