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Saul / Oratorio in 3 Parts Import

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  • オーケストラ: Collegium Cartusianum
  • 指揮: Peter Neumann
  • 作曲: George Frideric Handel
  • CD (1998/6/16)
  • SPARSコード: DDD
  • ディスク枚数: 3
  • フォーマット: Import
  • レーベル: MD&G Records
  • ASIN: B000007N9C
  • EAN: 0760623080123
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  1. Sym: Allegro
  2. Sym: Larghetto
  3. Sym: Allegro
  4. Sym: Andante Larghetto
  5. Part I: Chor. How Excellent Thy Name
  6. Part I: Air. An Infant Rais'd
  7. Part I: Trio. Along The Monster Atheist Strode
  8. Part I: Chor. The Youth Inspir'd By Thee
  9. Part I: Chor. How Excellent Thy Name/Hallelujah
  10. Part I: Recitative. Larghetto. He Comes/Air. O Godlike Youth!
  11. Part I: Recitative. Behold, O King
  12. Part I: Air. O King, Your Favors With Delight
  13. Part I: Recitative. O Early Piety!
  14. Part I: Air. What Abject Thoughts A Prince Can Have
  15. Part I: Recitative. Yet Think, On Whom This Honour You Bestow
  16. Part I: Air. Birth And Fortune I Despise!
  17. Part I: Recitative. Go On, Illustrious Pair!
  18. Part I: Air. While Yet Thy Tide Of Blood Runs High
  19. Part I: Recitative. Thou, Merab, First In Birth
  20. Part I: Air. My Soul Rejects The Thought With Scorn
  21. Part I: Air. See, See With What A Scornful Air
  22. Part I: Air. Ah! Lovely Youth!
  23. Part I: Sym Pour Les Carillons
  24. Part I: Recitative. Already See, The Daughters Of The Land
  25. Part I: Chor. Welcome, Welcome, Mighty King!
  26. Part I: Accompagnato. What Do I Hear?
  27. Part I: Chor. David His Ten Thousands Slew
  28. Part I: Accompagnato. To Him Ten Thousands
  29. Part I: Air. With Rage I Shall Burst His Praises To Hear!
  30. Part I: Recitative. Imprudent Women!
  31. Part I: Air. O Lord, Whose Mercies
  32. Part I: Recitative. Rack'd With Infernal Pains
  33. Part I: Air. O Lord, Whose Mercies
  34. Part I: Sym
  35. Part I: Recitative. T'is All In Vain
  36. Part I: Air. A Serpent In My Bosom Warm'd
  37. Part I: Recitative. Has He Escap'd My Rage?
  38. Part I: Air. Capricious Man
  39. Part I: Accompagnato. O Filial Piety!
  40. Part I: Air. No, No Cruel Father, No!
  41. Part I: Air. O Lord, Whose Providence
  42. Part I: Chor. Preserve Him For The Glory Of Thy Name
  43. Part I: Recitative. This But The Smallest Part Of Harmony
  44. Part I: Accompagnato. By Thee This Universal Frame


  1. Part II: Chor. Envy! Eldest Born Of Hell!
  2. Part II: Recitative. Ah, Dearest Friend
  3. Part II: Air. But Sooner Jordan's Stream
  4. Part II: Recitative. Hast Though Obey'd My Orders
  5. Part II: Air. Sin Not, O King, Against The Youth
  6. Part II: Air. As Great Jehovah Lives
  7. Part II: Air. From Cities Storm'd, And Battles Won
  8. Part II: Recitative. Appear, My Friend
  9. Part II: Air. Your Words, O King, My Loyal Heart
  10. Part II: Recitative. Yes, He Shall Wed My Daughter!
  11. Part II: Recitative. A Father's WIll Has Authoriz'd My Love
  12. Part II: Duet. O Fairest Of Ten Thousand Fair.
  13. Part II: Chor. Is There A Man, Who All His Ways
  14. Part II: Sym. Largo
  15. Part II: Sym. Allegro
  16. Part II: Recitative. Thy Father Is As Cruel
  17. Part II: Duet. At Persecution I Can Laugh
  18. Part II: Recitative. Whom Dost Thou Seek?
  19. Part II: Air. No, No, Let The Guilty Tremble
  20. Part II: Recitative. Mean As He Was, He Is My Brother Now
  21. Part II: Air. Author Of Peace, Who Canst Control
  22. Part II: Sym
  23. Part II: Accompagnato. The Time At Length
  24. Part II: Recitative. Where Is The Son Of Jesse?
  25. Part II: Chor. O Fatal Consequence


  1. Part III: Accompagnato. Wretch That I Am
  2. Part III: Recitative. Tis Said, Here Loves A Woman
  3. Part III: Recitative. With Me What Would'st Thou?
  4. Part III: Air. Infernal Spirits, By Whose Pow'r
  5. Part III: Accompagnato. Why Hast Thou Forc'd Me
  6. Part III: Sym
  7. Part III: Recitative. Whence Comest Thou?
  8. Part III: Air. Impious Wretch, Of Race Accurst!
  9. Part III: March. Grave
  10. Part III: Chor. Mourn, Israel, Mourn Thy Beauty Lost
  11. Part III: Air. O Let It Not In Gath Be Heard
  12. Part III: Air. From This Unhappy Day
  13. Part III:Air. Brave Jonathan His Bow Ne'er Drew
  14. Part III: Chor. Eagles Were Not So Swift As They
  15. Part III: Air. In Sweetest Harmony Thy Liv'd
  16. Part III: Solo And Chor. O Fatal Day! How Low The Mighty Lie!
  17. Part III: Recitative. Ye Men Of Judah, Weep No More!
  18. Part III: Chor. Gird On Thy Sword, Thou Man Of Might