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Running for the Average Joe (英語) ハードカバー – 2019/2/11

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Running for the Average Joe is an excellent book! I have been an avid runner for several years. I will occasionally look through Bill Watts' book to get pointers that will improve my running. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to start a running regime, a starting runner who is looking to lose body fat, somebody who runs to cross-train, experienced runners and even very competitive runners. This is a book for all types of runners!

Heath Johnson - Buena Vista, CO

The beauty of this book is its completeness - the fact that Watts is an engineer, a detail guy who spent 2.5 years researching all he could find about injuries, nutrition, stretching, clothing, races - you name it. This is like an encyclopedia for anyone who runs - novice or old pro at the sport.

Libby James - Author of "Running Mates", "White Shadow", "Frisbee Dreams", and "Muffin Magic." Libby is also a member of the Colorado Running Hall of Fame.

I was a runner in the day, and I might be still be a runner had this book been available then. I can't imagine any book more thoroughly covers what runners need to know to run not just faster, but safely and with a great deal more comfort. I got this book to give to one of my sons, who is becoming a runner, but he is still waiting for it while I make my way through it. Much of what is covered also applies to my latest passion: long distance hiking. I just find the book incredibly motivating. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get outside and get fit.

David Fanning - Author of "Voices of the Colorado Trail", "Standing on the Ocean: A Layman's Arctic Adventure", and "Coyote's Guide to Traditional IDL Graphics"

This book offers a wonderful array of really practical tips for every type of runner. This book teaches the beginner how to fuel, stay injury free and stay motivated. If you're a seasoned runner, like me, and want to take on a new distance, this book gives great tips to do that as well. Not overly technical and easy to read. A great addition to your running library as it can be referred to over and over.

Jessica Leto

I hadn't heard of this book, or the author until a friend told me about his 500+ mile run on the Colorado Trail last summer (2017). I am usually not interested in books from unknown authors, but this book piqued my interest from the beginning. Hands down, it is probably one of the most advanced books I have ever read about running. The author takes a very deep dive into the psychological and biological aspects of running, and helped me to understand how the body reacts to long runs and endurance training.

Also, I'd never heard of the 7-Step Macrocycle running programs that Watts prescribes. Being both curious and skeptical, I decided to try the "Advanced Marathon" training plan in the back of the book and follow exactly as he laid it out. I really didn't feel like I had time for a 37 week program, but I must say, the training program really worked. Not only did I lose 13 pounds, but I went from a 4:16 marathon to a 3:39 marathon personal record.

Some people may find his personal stories off topic, and may seek more of an "instructional guide", but for me, his stories prove that he has struggled and prevailed in his personal accomplishments. This book is VERY WELL DONE.

​If you're looking for a book that has EVERYTHING, this is the book to buy.

Brett Smith


Bill Watts is an avid outdoor enthusiast and experienced, but self-proclaimed "average" runner. Born in a small town in northwest Nebraska, he was involved in high school sports. He played football, baseball, and was on the wrestling and track teams but admits he absolutely hated running at that time. 25 years later, he entered his first 10k race and has since entered over 300 races, from 5k street races all the way up to 50k trail races. He's raced in over 100 marathons and ultra-marathons in the past 18 years and estimates that he's logged about 70,000 miles in that time. More recently (2017), he ran the entire 500 mile Colorado Trail, with 92,000' of vertical climbing in just 13 days - unsupported, carrying all supplies in his backpack. Watch for his upcoming book in 2018, featuring his experiences on the trail. Watts works in the Information Technology business as a Systems Engineer and resides in Colorado.



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