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[Barnes, John]のProgramming in Ada 2012 (English Edition)



Programming in Ada 2012 (English Edition) 1st Edition, Kindle版

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¥ 10,902
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Ada is the language of choice for the majority of programmers involved in writing safety-critical and high-integrity software. Previous editions of John Barnes' books established themselves as the definitive references for earlier versions of Ada. With the release of the latest ISO standard, Ada 2012, this new book will become recognised as the go-to resource for those wishing to learn the language or to program in it.


'Once again, John Barnes has provided a wonderfully lucid, learned and insightful description of the latest version of Ada. He has been the tireless explicator of the design and evolution of the language over more than three decades.' Ed Shonberg, Chairman of the Ada Rapporteur Group

'John Barnes has done it again, managing to provide a comprehensive yet delightfully readable exposition covering everything from the original abstraction-oriented programming features of Ada 83, such as packages and private types, up through the newest contract-based programming features of Ada 2012, such as preconditions and quantified expressions. John provides a well-organized framework for the programmer who is first learning Ada, as well as to the seasoned Ada veteran who wants the details on some new feature. Despite my own personal involvement in crafting the exact wording for the various revisions of the Ada Standard, it is nevertheless always enlightening (and fun) to read John's take on things, as he makes the whole Ada language come alive with examples, interesting consequences, and surprising connections.' S. Tucker Taft, Director of Language Research, AdaCore

'Ada is being continually developed and its latest standard, Ada 2012, includes a number of new features such as support for multicore architectures and the ability to allow programs to control their parallel execution and to be proved correct. This, the latest version of the highly successful series of books on Ada by John Barnes, covers both the key features of the language and the recent additions. It is an essential resource for practitioners and researchers alike.' Alan Burns, University of York

'This new revision of Programming in Ada will ensure that it remains the essential companion of any Ada practitioner. It is a user guide that brings to life the more formal language of the Reference Manual. As one has come to expect of John's work, it includes many practical examples, which will no doubt go on to be used as templates for much real code.' Jeff Cousins, Chair of the Ada Rapporteur Group

'In this book, John Barnes presents the Ada language in an informative and witty manner that provides the reader with an understanding of the principles of the programming language. He acquaints the reader with the new features of Ada 2012 by demonstrating how they fit into the overall software development process and play an important role in the evolution of programming languages. This book offers the reader a complete description of all the features and functions of Ada 2012 through discussion and examples. The exercises help the reader to immediately begin utilizing these capabilities.' Joyce L. Tokar, Ph.D., President, Pyrrhus Software and Convenor of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/WG 9 'Ada'


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  • 紙の本の長さ: 973 ページ
  • ページ番号ソース ISBN: 110742481X
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  • 出版社: Cambridge University Press; 1版 (2014/6/19)
  • 販売: Amazon Services International, Inc.
  • 言語: 英語
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