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Knitted Dolls with a Designer Wardrobe (英語) ペーパーバック – 2012/6/13

5つ星のうち4.5 85個の評価

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Nov 12 Those knitting Norwegians are at it again! This is the follow-up to 55 Christmas Balls To Knit (also reviewed on this site) and has patterns for several dolls, plus lots of clothes to kit them out in. Expect a lushly illustrated book and you won't be disappointed. Not only are there lots of large colorful photos of the dolls and their wardrobes, but plenty of inspiring shots of them amongst the treasures owned by the authors in their wonderful home. With its wide open layout, it is easy to follow the instructions, which are mainly in written form but with a few charts. The dolls get to wear all kinds of different outfits, for everyday occasions, walking in the snow, going somewhere special, and even a pajama party. Kit one doll out like punk Lolita, and knit wee woolly versions of the authors, complete with glasses! It is all very colorful and I can imagine any child being thrilled to find one of these dolls peeking out of their stocking Christmas morning. This is not a book that teaches knitting, but would be good for anybody classing themselves as an "improver" and wanting small projects that make up fast and often use up small amounts of yarn. The only alloy in all this is it is a English language reprint of a Norwegian book and therefore gives yarns you can buy over there. If you can find Falk from Dale of Norway all to the good, otherwise you will need to substitute it with something else. This aside, I enjoyed this lively, colorful book and look forward to this duo's next venture into print. * * June 12 Knitted Dolls is the most exciting toy knitting book I have bourght for a very long time!!! I couldn't believe how many patterns were in it -and also how many variations to each item of clothing - giving you such an amazing wardrobe for the dolls . I would certainly rate it as the best I have ever purchased ( and I have quite a few) . I will get hours and hours of fun out of this book and can see it being used for so many projects ,best value for money , other books I have purchased do not have anywhere near as many ideas and patterns . I think the authors have done us proud with this one .I love it !-"Frances1", Amazon * Customer * March 13 Norwegian knitting stars Arne and Carlos released 55 Christmas Balls to Knit in 2011, and it sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. So, things are already looking very promising for the double act's next release. The cover of the book is another good indication of what's in store for you - plenty of fun designs of dolls with distinctive features, that you'll be desperate to knit! There's a Punk Lolita doll with her pierced nose and long black locks, wearing a black poncho with embroidered skull, and surf dude Milton in his board shorts. You'll even be shown how to knit your dolls' undergarments! This book is beautifully presented, and full of great ideas that will really make you smile. Arne and Carlos' sparkling personalities shine through the pages. * Knit Today * Sept 12 For knitters out there, you may recognise Arne and Carlos as the authors of their first fab book 55 Christmas Balls to Knit. This book is even more fun and very very cute. The book is full of inspiration and fun ideas to make your own designer dolls. You can create any character you dream up and knit up one to represent every member of your family and create your own mini you, each with a designer wardrobe tailored and personalised to your doll's taste. The book is beautifully photographed and provides a basic pattern for the doll and then covers ideas and techniques for each part of designing your doll including hair, facial expressions,clothes and undergarments (that are knitted as part of the basic doll). It includes ideas for decorating and personalising the dolls designer clothes with fancy buttons, crocheted flowers and pompoms. There's a whole host of outfits to make for your doll, which will be the envy of supermodels. Knitted Dolls includes designs and patterns for 15 dolls, but the number of patterns from this book is endless because of all the designs you can adapt, personalise, mix and match. Many of the clothes are inspired by Norwegian traditional knitwear and patterns and all the dolls in the book and clothes are unbelievably adorable. What I love about Arne and Carlos' books is that you feel you are having a conversation with them as you read through their book. They provide fun snippets into their world and where they discover inspiration and how their designs came about. They also share an insight into how they created the furniture for the dolls in the book. If you look closely at the front cover, as an example, the sofa is made of books. I can't wait to knit up a whole host of dolls with designer clothes. The book is well structured, well laid out and easy to follow and packed with tips and techniques. * * Aug 12 This has to be the cutest front cover of a knitting book ever. It's a knitted Arne & Carlos knitting. Perhaps they are knitting smaller and smaller versions of themselves to infinity and beyond. This book is full of fun. There is a main doll pattern with pages and pages of colourful imaginative clothing for the dolls. You can mix and match different fashionable clothes to put on the doll and choose from an array of hairstyles too. The dolls and clothes are all knitted in the round with clear diagrams if you like working from a chart. There is plenty here to satisfy all levels of knitting ability and taste. The photography is fantastic with the dolls in various situations and places! I've lost count of how many times I've picked this book up. It's so bright and colourful I keep flicking through in amazement at the array of clothes and detail in the patterns. It's a heavy book at 200 pages and there are plenty of tips and hints about techniques for when you come to the crucial doll face. I love this book so much. It's a book you could have out as a talking point it's so quirky and unusual. The clothes are expertly designed and actually make me jealous that I don't own them in adult human size! * * Sept 13 It's easy to tell that this book stems from a deep love for dolls and dollhouses, not just for children but also for adults. However, even though dolls may not be your thing (I must admit that I left dolls behind a long time ago, even though I still have a great fascination of dolls houses like the amazing Titanias Palace which used to be on display in Legoland but is now at Egeskov Museum) this book may still has something for you. You may have a child in your life who would love a knitted doll or you may be a clothes/pattern designer with a small one-person company. Arne and Carlos mention how they use dolls as models for miniature versions of their designs as a clever way to test ideas before creating an adult size garment. As you might have seen, I have been doing something similar to test my knitting calculations using my daughters doll, Lily, so this is something that really relates to me. As a result I got quite hooked on the book. I love the two dolls they have made of themselves and am thinking of doing something similar for my own family. Now I am looking forward to their Knit and Crochet Garden book. * Eddie's Room * Aug 12 The fun and quirky knitters of '55 Christmas Balls to Knit' have turned their attention to dolls - lots of them, all overflowing with character, colour and charm and with a wardrobe of clothes most dolls can only dream about. They've even knitted little woolly versions of themselves! Easy to knit and with tips for giving them distinct features such as hair, eyes and mouths, these fabulous dolls will ignite your imagination. * Craft Business * Jun/Jul 12 A quirky offering for knitters looking for some fun projects - and perhaps to build up a collection of some of the best dressed dolls on the planet! The projects are easy to knit with clear instructions, tips and techniques to help fashionistas everywhere expand their miniature wardrobe. * Craft Business * The first thing I wanted to do when I picked up this book was to flick through all the beautiful photographs, where you are transported to a magical and quirky world the the authors have created. Taking their inspiration from traditional and vintage motifs, it shows dolls in different scenes, with their pals and colourful clothes. The book gives clear instructions on how to make a basic doll 40cm in height. It includes hints and tips on how to create the features of the face and hair, and then shows 15 different characters you could create. It is very generously packed full of charted patterns giving a total of 44 outfits which you can then mix and match. All levels of ability are catered for, so you can use the basic patterns for the clothes, but colour work, raglan sleeves and lace patterns are also given, so you can be as detailed as you like, according to your skills and patience when working small scale. Suggested wools are given but it would be a great way to use up your stash. Interestingly they use 100% wool (the kind used for felting) to stuff the dolls, so if you use machine washable wool, not only can you wash your doll, but also the wool stuffing will felt, helping to firm and give better shape to your doll. I imagine any child would love to have one, or several of these dolls to create their own little world. However, the book definitely has adult appeal: they will probably get as much fun out of it as a child! -- Jeanne Rayment * Slipknot *


Arne Nerjordet and Carlos Zachrison, Norwegian and Swedish respectively, established their design company ARNE & CARLOS in 2002. Drawing on traditional Scandinavian influences and the natural environment, they create original and striking knitwear, and work with such prestigious fashion designers as Comme des Garcons. Arne and Carlos' creative base is their eclectic farm in Norway, where they absorb the rich tradition of Scandinavian arts and crafts while exploring their own knitwear inspirations.


  • 発売日 : 2012/6/13
  • ISBN-10 : 1844488500
  • ペーパーバック : 200ページ
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1844488506
  • 出版社 : Search Press Ltd (2012/6/13)
  • 商品の寸法 : 19 x 1.2 x 26.5 cm
  • 言語: : 英語
  • カスタマーレビュー:
    5つ星のうち4.5 85個の評価