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EpocCam - Wireless HD webcam

レーティング: 全年齢対象

価格: 無料ダウンロード 該当する場合、価格には 消費税が含まれています
発売元: Amazon Services International, Inc.
サポート言語: 英語


  • ネットワークソケットを開く
  • Bluetooth デバイスを検出してペアリング





  • High quality realtime video streaming to computer
  • Fully replaces USB webcam, works with all webcam-enabled apps
  • Windows 8 support including Skype
  • Automatic connectivity
  • Over 30 feet WiFi wireless range (depending on your droid device)
  • Best compatibility, compared to DroidCam and PocketCam EpocCam supports more applications
  • All data is secured with strong encryption to keep your video private
  • Audio support, use your phone as a wireless microphone (EpocCam Pro)
  • Secure signed drivers fully support 64-bit Windows
  • Auto focus-feature lets you look sharp every time - no more fuzzy and out-of-focus videos, even in close-ups


EpocCam transforms your Android device into wireless High Definition PC webcam. Now also supports Mac OS X. Compatible with Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google+ Hangouts, Facebook Video Calling, Chatroulette, YouTube and other webcam-enabled applications. It's also a perfect baby monitor, spy cam, security camera, surveillance camera and pet cam. Go beyond built-in camera quality with HD 720p video that is sharper and more dynamic. Great way to share what cannot be recorded with a built-in webcam or USB-webcam, wireless camera is easy to move up to 30 feet / 10 meters. Share your precious moments and interests easily with the world. Streaming a live performance of your band, recording for a blog or showing off a hobby project over a video call, the EpocCam lets you present yourself like a pro. With EpocCam, anything can be shared wirelessly in a simple and fun way. Setting up EpocCam is very simple, anyone can do it. Just download drivers to your PC/Mac and you're ready to go! Connection is fully automatic, no need for manual setup. Install Windows or Mac OS X drivers from See for setup guide. EpocCam is also available for iPhone and iPad. In case of any problems please send feedback to


サイズ: 1.9MB
バージョン: 1.15
開発者: Kinoni
アクセス権限 ( アクセス権限とは )
  • ネットワークソケットを開く
  • Bluetooth デバイスを検出してペアリング
  • ネットワークに関する情報にアクセス
  • Wi-Fi マルチキャストモードを入力
  • Wi-Fi ネットワークに関する情報にアクセス
  • ビデオを記録
  • カメラデバイスにアクセスできることが必要
  • ペアリングされた Bluetooth デバイスに接続
  • 外部ストレージから読み取り
  • オーディオを録音
  • 外部ストレージに書き込む
必要なOS環境: Android 4.0
ダウンロード時間の目安: 30秒未満