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JFK : Reckless Youth (英語) ペーパーバック – 1993/11/27

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As the new world triumphed over the old, and youthful vigour replaced privilege and prejudice, Jack Kennedy was the hero who led the way. Yet he was a hero with a tragic flaw - a compulsion to promiscuity. This biography shows how the young Jack's psyche became warped by his parents' personalities.


"Nigel Hamilton's story, told with great intelligence and sympathy, is of how Jack came to terms with his inheritance and frightful upbringing." - Daily Telegraph

"The definitive life of JFK...shows us, better than ever before, how the ambitious playboy began his transformation into the charismatic President." - Mail on Sunday --このテキストは、ペーパーバック版に関連付けられています。



  • ペーパーバック: 928ページ
  • 出版社: Random House UK; New版 (1993/11/27)
  • 言語: 英語
  • ISBN-10: 0099635402
  • ISBN-13: 978-0099635406
  • 発売日: 1993/11/27
  • 商品パッケージの寸法: 19.3 x 13.2 x 5.1 cm
  • おすすめ度: 5つ星のうち 5.0 1 件のカスタマーレビュー
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投稿者 recluse VINE メンバー 投稿日 2006/12/2
形式: ハードカバー
10代のころケネディ大統領の伝記にこっていて内外様々な作品を読んだものでした。フレデリック・フォーサイスのオデッサ・ファイルの書き出しではないけれど、私がケネディの暗殺を聞いたときは、初めてその名前を聞いたときで、彼の大統領時代には同時代的な記憶はありません。でも彼の神話には末永く魅惑されたものでした。ただ時代が下るにつれ、出てくる伝記はどれも彼の神話を壊すものであり、私にとっては”大人への脱皮”ともいうべき読書体験だったのかもしれません。この作品は、もうケネディ神話なるものが存在しなくなっただいぶ後(1990年代)に読んだものでした。この作品の特色は、ケネディ家のprivate papersにアクセスを許されたイギリス人の著者によって書かれたという点です。中身は、期待を裏切ることのない詳細(註を見てください)さで、この神話の虚像が暴かれていくことになります。ケネディの数え切れない女性関係、イギリス(LSE)留学中の恥ずべきエピソード、若き日の著作のゴーストライティング、ドイツのスパイとのゴシップなどが満載です。その筆はケネディ大統領だけではなく、彼の両親の冷え切った関係にまで伸びています。悲しいかな、この作品は、ケネディ家からの抗議により、この第一巻で中断することとなってしまいました。不思議なことに、この偶像破壊から現れてくるのは、不幸な家族の下に生まれた等身大の傷つきやすい一人の不幸の青年の姿なのです。
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5つ星のうち HASH(0x7868e558) Simply the best JFK bio anywhere ... 2003/8/24
投稿者 Susan Sloate, Best-selling author of FORWARD TO CAMELOT and STEALING FIRE - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
JFK RECKLESS YOUTH has only one drawback: It covers only the part of his life up to his election to Congress. Hamilton has promised two more volumes, but they have so far not appeared. That said, it is the only negative that can be said for this remarkable volume, for my money the best JFK bio anywhere (including the new but hardly impressive JFK: AN UNFINISHED LIFE by Robert Dallek). There isn't an aspect of Kennedy's life that goes unexplored. Hamilton, however, did not have the access to JFK's medical records that Dallek did -- therefore he probably did not realize how very serious JFK's health issues were. (Of course, he is writing about JFK's early life, when he was obviously a lot healthier than he was later.)
What is made painfully clear here is that JFK became president not because of his parents, but frankly, in spite of them. It was the force of his intellect and personality, more than his father's money, that made him who he was. Hamilton spends a lot of time in comparisons between Joe Jr. (the heir apparent) and Jack, the second son. According to him, Joe Jr. was ponderous, prejudiced, hardworking but abrasive and often nasty, and in general, simply did not attract people to him as Jack did. Jack, on the other hand, for all his natural rebelliousness (almost certainly fed by his parents' endless hectoring and marital issues), had enormous charm, warmth and endless humor. Hamilton even uncovers evidence of a surprisingly tender heart and his attempts to hide his concern for his friends with sarcasm and wit. His friends note that he constantly looked for new friendships and never lost a friend, even when the friends treated him with less than kindness and respect. He was loyal to a fault.
Hamilton does reserve tremendous ire (and who can blame him?) for JFK's parents, two of really the most awful parents it's possible to imagine. Rose was a mother who constantly went off and left her children with the help, never home even when her oldest children were babies, and was never, never affectionate or even perhaps very interested in them, due to her unending though silent opposition to her husband's abuse and philandering. While she inspected them daily for missing buttons or loose threads, she was completely uninvolved in their interests, games and problems. Their father Joe was, as Hamilton makes clear, good at only one thing: manipulating stocks in order to steal himself a fortune. Every other thing he tried, including banking, shipping, movies, politics and diplomacy, was a failure. (Joe was so unscrupulous that even during his stint as Ambassador to the Court of St. James, he had people buying stocks he had inside information about. It says something that when FDR appointed him the first chairman of the newly formed Securities and Exchange Commission, and FDR's cabinet protested vigorously, FDR's answer was, "Set a thief to catch a thief.") What made Joe rather insidious (and this only in comparison to Rose) is that if he did have a good point, it was his genuine love for his children, misguided as his childrearing experience was. Unfortunately, he taught them to win at any cost and that women were to be treated with contempt and used like tissue. But because he expressed affection and care for them, even dropping his own work schedule to appear at their schools when Rose wrote letters but never bothered to visit her sons even when Jack was deathly ill in boarding school, Joe comes off as, ironically, the much better parent. He was loving and affectionate, though his affection came with a price: That they think as he thought and do as he did, which Jack simply rebelled against.
Hamilton has to be commended for his sense of balance. While never shirking his responsibility to point out Jack's flaws, he is careful also to show from where they sprang -- the terrible, dysfunctional union of his parents and their awful sense of what raising a family meant. The children were socially isolated (partially because of his parents' desperation to enter Boston's WASP society while being Irish Catholics themselves), turning to each other for comfort and thus becoming close, but then separated when Rose decided she couldn't handle them anymore and sent them to boarding school, some as young as age eight.
There is so much in this book that has value, but what I personally appreciate the most is Hamilton's constant underlying (though silent) thesis that Jack's gifts were so many that had he been born to different parents, he still would have been remarkably successful, yet probably been a less tormented and far less complex personality. For Hamilton sees his sexual yearnings as nothing less than looking for the love he missed in his mother, yet unable to express his need for it because of her coldness during his formative years and what that coldness did to his ability to express and receive affection.
I could go on and go (actually, I have), but I do heartily recommend this. It's an absorbing read about the formation of a remarkable and pivotal personality in American history. I'd love to see the next volume -- imagine what he'd do with the marriage of Jack and Jackie? -- but must wait till he gets there. Meanwhile, this volume is a five-star, fifty-carat gem. Don't miss it.
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5つ星のうち HASH(0x78d7c4ec) One of a kind! 2002/9/28
投稿者 E. A Solinas - (Amazon.com)
形式: ペーパーバック
It is now virtually impossible to find a good biography of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Most are interested less in telling about his life, every aspect of it, than about his love life. But Nigel Hamilton returns some honor and polish, eschewing sensationalism for the sake of actually writing a book about his life.
This book recounts JFK's life until his election in Congress, beginning years before his birth with accounts of his grandparents and parents and what drove Joseph Kennedy to obsess on politics. While it includes JFK's assorted premarital affairs, there is also a great deal of complicated and in-depth information on his Navy service, his health, his political life, his family life, and the things that would affect him when he later became president of the United States.
Hamilton manages to pull more material -- only a portion of Kennedy's life -- into more pages than most Kennedy biographers could if they tried. He does this by incredibly in-depth investigation into just about everything in Kennedy's life. This approach not only gives much-needed depth to Kennedy himself, but to other people in his life. While his parents are no more sympathetic here than they ever were (meaning that they probably were as they seem), people that he interacted with (and in some cases, slept with) are given new attention. For example, his first serious lover Inga Arvad is explored in greater depth. Here she is not a promiscuous gold-digger or a clingy adulteress, but a woman who is willing to give up her love for his own good. Her Nazi sympathies and marital status are not downplayed, but her emotions and feelings are presented to the readers to make us realize what she was like.
And Hamilton's skill as a writer shows in how he is able to include all this detail and all these anecdotes without boring the readers silly. The eight-hundred-plus pages fly by like those of a book half its length, sprinkled with occasional pictures of JFK, his parents, "Inga Binga," Lem Billings, and others. These pictures are relatively few and far between, but make up for it in quality rather than quantity.
If you read one Kennedy biography, make sure that it's this one. Nigel Hamilton's "Reckless Youth" is written with style, class, and skill. Definitely worth the read.
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5つ星のうち HASH(0x7847cdbc) The best book written on JFK 1999/12/6
投稿者 カスタマー - (Amazon.com)
形式: カセット
I was 11 when JFK was killed, and I'd never read a Kennedy biography before this book, except one published by a friend soon after his assassination, which was so treacly with hero-worship that I vowed never again to try.
Then I spent my young adulthood hearing more and more about the women, the Mob connections, the flaws of this truly extraordinary man.
Nigel Hamilton - in spite of what must have been vociferous pressure from the Kennedy family, fully detailed in his "Afterward," - has done an incredible job of presenting, clay feet and all, a fully dimensional description of who the young John Kennedy was, and how he came to be that way. He writes with passion and insight, fully annotating those reckless aspects of JFK which defy belief (like, his being unfaithful to Jackie with an actress on the very night of his Inauguration), together with a genuine respect and admiration for so many of JFK's talents and finer qualities. What emerges is an unforgettable man. It's the very mixture which all earlier biographies miss. Yes, I DID read several after Hamilton's book, and found them all black-and-white, adore Kennedy, or detest him. Good and bad, flawed and courageous, witty and ruthless, inconsiderate and idealistic, it's all here in the early young man (the book ends with Kennedy's win for his first Congressional seat in 1946).
I would like to think that JFK, of all people, would have appreciated the paradoxes and intricate ironies Hamilton so thoroughly details. One comes away from this book saddened that the book - and the life - ended so soon.
After years of fearing that Kennedy pressure had ended Hamilton's multi-volume history after only the first installment, I'm thrilled to see that Amazon.com is offering Hamilton's second volume, "JFK," beginning in December, 2000. I've already placed my order!
On a related subject, a surprisingly excellent adaptation of "JFK: Reckless Youth" was made for TV and is available on videotape, with Patrick Dempsey's superb performance as young John Kennedy; also highly recommended if the book intrigues you.
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5つ星のうち HASH(0x78f492b4) The most intimate portrait 2013/7/27
投稿者 Jeff Kelleher - (Amazon.com)
形式: ペーパーバック
John F. Kennedy's most constant friend, from age 15 until his death, was K. Lemoyne Billings, his Choate School roommate who traveled through Europe with him in 1937, and stayed in unceasing contact. During the Presidency, Jacqueline complained, Billings "spent almost every weekend at the White House."

During this 30-year period, Kennedy wrote hundreds of letters to Billings. Billings, loyal friend, kept them private for 30 more years. Finally, in the early 1990s, he allowed author Nigel Hamilton access to them. Billings also provided an 800-page oral history to the JFK Library.

While the Billings materials are by no means the only original sources, they form the core of this book. Hamilton quotes copiously from them. The result is a picture of the young Kennedy as private and intimate, I daresay, as has ever been revealed about any future President. They include all kinds of salacious adolescent banter, such as JFK's boastful query to Billings, "Have you laid pussy yet?" and a recital of their first teenage visit to a brothel. Much is revealed about JFK's astonishingly abundant dating life.

There is no shortage of material on Kennedy's serious side, either. He shows himself to have been wise and informed on world affairs way beyond his years, and articulate in expressing himself. This book should put to to rest suspicions that he was not the true author of his first book, "Why England Slept" in 1940, and should at least mitigate suspicion that he was the true author of "Profiles in Courage" in 1957.

This book is 800 pages long, and ends in 1947, when Kennedy was 30. It was to be the first of a multi-volume biography. There was, however, no second volume. Hamilton's ambition to write the definitive biography is evident. This is a major, serious work.

It has been controversial. The Kennedy family cooperated more than it customarily did. But the final product portrays Joseph P. Kennedy as a liar, coward, draft-dodger, adulterer, business shark, and appeaser; and Rose Kennedy as a cold, authoritarian religious fanatic. It contains many psychological speculations on the effect of these figures on JFK's persona. On publication, the family, usually silent, took the unusual step of denouncing it.

I think the criticisms have at least some merit. But we also must remember that (as depicted here and elsewhere) the Kennedys were brilliant in shaping--indeed distorting--public perceptions. Such a revealing book would be bound to incite them. On balance, that makes it all the more worthwhile.
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5つ星のうち HASH(0x7867972c) Great Insight 2004/10/27
投稿者 John P Bernat - (Amazon.com)
形式: カセット
Our fascination with JFK continues. Even now, there are still aspects of his life and career which remain hidden from public view.

This book relies on meticulous research and avoids speculation. It acquaints us with a brutal and psychotically competitive family, an aloof and cold mother of too many children who accomodates her husband's self-centeredness by a peculiarly Catholic form of emotional abandonment. This remove, however, strikes her own children as collateral damage from her intended assault on her husband.

A family of highly competitive people, with singular ambition. The theory is not hard to establish: the ambition is to attain mom's love (which is unattainable) and to impress dad.

The story is archetypal of American in the mid-20th century. We achieved so much because of qualities of competition, ruthlessness and self-interest. We also learned to worship glamour and celebrity. Wasn't Kennedy the best-looking president by far?

I never understood him better than after reading this book. I also believe that he was addicted to sex, and that we knew way too little about how to treat that addiction back then.
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