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[Nutman, Kaye]のHeadscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques (English Edition)



Headscarves, Head Wraps & More: How to Look Fabulous in 60 Seconds with Easy Head Wrap Tying Techniques (English Edition) Kindle版

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Kindle版 (電子書籍)

販売: Amazon Services International, Inc.
紙の本の長さ: 108ページ Word Wise: 有効 タイプセッティングの改善: 有効
Page Flip: 有効 言語: 英語
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Would you like to know how to wrap attention grabbing (or discrete) head wraps?
Do you look in the mirror and despair at the state of your hair?
Are you clueless abouthow to tie headscarves that stay put and make a statement?

This book will teach you how to tie compliment attracting head wraps in no time at all. It can really be so easy!

The styles look amazing in far less time than it would take you to curl or straighten your hair. Headscarves can boost your look in seconds. Imagine walking out the door, feeling great; confident, covered and chic!

After years of practice, research and showing others how to tie headscarves - hands on - I'd love to share these wonderful head wrap tying techniques with you... Welcome to the wonderful world of scarf and head wrap tying!

Inside you will find 26+ wonderful ideas for tying head wraps and scarves.

  • Each design has clear easy to follow step by step instructions;
  • There's a full page CAD (Computer Aided Design) illustration
  • A photo (or two) of real women - or ‘Eddie’ the mannequin.

This gives you the best chance of easily replicating the designs on your own head.

There’s a BONUS section too with fascinating ‘outside the square’ ideas .

Are you a fashionista? Well, wow, what a statement a headscarf can make!
There may be a bad hair day... a breezy morning at the beach... dog walking... a cruise… or a party.
Perhaps you wear a headscarf for religious reasons or modesty… You're a chef, or work in an area where you need to keep your hair clean, or going to a Spa. We have you covered!
Do you have hair loss due to chemotherapy? Or alopecia? How self-assured and amazing you will feel!
There are any number of reasons to learn how to tie headscarves - you tell me...
Please… if you like this book then leave a review or write to me.


Testimonials "Kaye has volunteered her services at Cabrini Hospital in Melbourne, Victoria for over 6 years, 4 of which have been dedicated to establishing the hospitals free wig service. Hair loss during treatment can be a confronting time and the patient's first exposure to the wig room can be an emotional one. Cabrini's wig room provides our patients with much more than wigs. Head coverings and scarves are an essential resource for our patients during this time. The most common question asked is "how do I tie a head scarf?'. Kaye's experience and approach helps make the process an easy and pleasant one. This book will bring a much needed resource to our patients and to many others. Her love for helping others to feel good about themselves shows in her dedication and passion in this book. I want to thank her for her dedication to help others." Vicki Durston Breast Cancer Service Coordinator Cabrini Health Brightways - Breast Cancer Service "Through her sensitive awareness to a need, Kaye Nutman has written 'Headscarves, Headwraps & More'. In this book, she offers a practical and well-illustrated guide to creating various headgear. She ably shows, explains and guides the reader through to the final result. Kaye has worked for several years in a hospital setting, supporting clients through their various medical treatments. She has written many Biographies and engaging children's books and demonstrates a keen eye for colour, design and flair. I am one of a team of ladies, who has worked with Kaye in the 'Wigroom' -a hospital support facility. Here we offer both wigs and headwear to clients wishing to enhance their appearance. My background as an Educational Psychologist has reinforced in me, the importance that self-nurturing has on one's general wellbeing and in dealing with the many life challenges we face. I know this book will be of great service to you or your loved ones who wish to extend their headwear repertoire." Sue Perriman Educational Psychologist and Wig Room Volunteer Melbourne, Australia Kaye's volunteering experience in Cabrini's Wig Room in Brighton Victoria was the catalyst for her book. I have known Kaye as a fellow volunteer since the beginning of the enterprise, and have seen how her book has evolved. We have spoken enthusiastically and endlessly about scarves, their qualities and where Kaye sources them. She found op shops and general shops to be a good source of inexpensive ones with the occasional expensive one that she couldn't resist! I believe that Kaye's book will be a valuable addition for the clientele we see in the Wig Room, and for anyone else who loves scarves and wearing them." Ann Michod Wig Room Volunteer Cabrini Hospital, Brighton "Kaye fell in love with headwear from the moment we started up the "Wigroom." She has a knack for being creative and a desire to help clients feel great when they need it most. Her background in teaching has certainly helped with the process involved in getting this wonderful book together. I applaud her efforts and am sure many people will find her book a great resource." Robyn Taylor. R.N. Volunteer/Wigroom, Cabrini Health.


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5つ星のうち4.0 Great time spent
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5つ星のうち2.0 Multiple ways to tie the same unattractive headscarf.
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