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Handel: Joseph and his Brethren / Robert King Box set, Import

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  • 指揮: Robert King
  • 作曲: George Frideric Handel
  • CD (1996/11/8)
  • ディスク枚数: 3
  • フォーマット: Box set, Import
  • レーベル: Hyperion UK
  • ASIN: B00000300Z
  • EAN: 0034571171715
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  1. Ov
  2. Be firm, My Soul! Nor Faint Beneath
  3. Joseph, Thy Fame Has Reach'd Great Pharaoh's Ear
  4. Come, Divine Inspirer, Come
  5. Pardon, That I So Long Forgot Thee, Joseph!
  6. Ingratitude's The Queen Of Crimes
  7. Thus, Stranger, I Have Laid My Troubled Thoughts
  8. O God Of Joseph, Gracious Shed Thy Spirit On Thy Servant's Head
  9. Pharaoh, Thy Dreams Are One
  10. Divine Interpreter! What Oracle
  11. O Lovely Youth, With Wisdom Crown'd
  12. Wear, Worthy Man, This Royal Signet Wear
  13. Joyful Sounds, Melodious Strain!
  14. Whence This Unwonted Ardour In My Breast?
  15. I Feel A Spreading Flame Within My Veins
  16. Fair Asenath
  17. Celestial Virgin! Godlike Youth!
  18. Now, Potiphera, Instant To The Temple
  19. Grand March During The Procession
  20. 'Tis Done,-The Sacred Knot Is Tied
  21. Immortal Pleasures Crown This Pair
  22. Glorious And Happy Is Thy Lot, O Zaphnath!
  23. Since The Race Of Time Begun
  24. Swift Our Number, Swiftly Roll


  1. Hail, Thou Youth, By Heaven Belov'd!
  2. How Vast A Theme Has Egypt For Applause!
  3. Our Fruits, Whilst Yet In Blossom, Die
  4. He's Egypt's Common Parent, Gives Her Bread
  5. Blest Be The Man By Pow'r Unstain'd
  6. Phanor, We Mention Not His Highest Glory!
  7. Together, Lovely Innocents, Grow Up
  8. He Then Is Silent, Then Again Exclaims
  9. Where Are These Brethren...Why This Base Delay!
  10. Remorse, Confusion, Horror, Fear
  11. This Hebrew Prisoner-
  12. Ye Departed Hours, What Happier Moments Have I Seen?
  13. The Peasant Tastes The Sweets Of Life
  14. But Simeon Comes-
  15. Impostor! Ah! My Foul Offence
  16. Whence, Asenath, This Grief That Hangs Upon Thee?
  17. The Silver Stream, That All Its Way
  18. Tell Me, O Tell Me Thy Heart's Malady
  19. To Keep Afar From All Offence
  20. Thus One, With Ev'ry Virtue Crown'd
  21. Once More, O Pious Zaphnath, At Thy Feet
  22. This Kiss, My Gracious Lord
  23. Thou Deign'st To Call Thy Servant 'Son'
  24. Sweet Innocence! Divine Simplicity!
  25. O God, Who In Thy Heav'nly Hand


  1. Sinf
  2. What Say'st Thou, Phanor?
  3. The Wanton Favours Of The Great
  4. Whence So Disturb'd, My Lord?
  5. Ah Jealousy, Thou Pelican
  6. O Wrong Me Not! Thy Zaphnath Never Harbour'd
  7. The People's Favour, And The Smiles Of Pow'r
  8. Art Thou Not Zaphnath? Is Not Egypt Sav'd?
  9. Prophetic Raptures Swell My Breast
  10. They Come,-And Indignation In Their Looks
  11. What! Without Me? Ah, How Return In Peace!
  12. O Pity!
  13. To Prison With Him!
  14. O Gracious God
  15. Eternal Monarch Of The Sky
  16. But Peace, Saphnath Returns
  17. Thou Hadst, My Lord, A Father Once
  18. Give, Give Him Up The Lad
  19. I Can No Longer-
  20. Whilst The Nile And Memphis
  21. What's Sweeter Than The New-Blown Rose
  22. With Songs Of Ardent Gratitude And Praise
  23. Alleluia. We Will Rejoice In Thy Salvation



Oratorio / Yvonne Kenny, soprano - Catherine Denley, mezzo-sop. - James Bowman, contreténor - Michael George, basse... - Choir of New College, Oxford - The Choir of King's Consort - The King's Consort, dir. Robert King


Winton Dean, the, ahem, dean of modern Handel scholarship, considered Joseph and His Brethren one of Handel's weakest oratorios. Don't believe it: the music is wonderful, and even the libretto isn't nearly as bad as Dean makes out. The King's Consort gives the same high-quality performance it always gives to Handel's oratorios. James Bowman sounds particularly comfortable in the title role; while all the soloists are good, soprano Yvonne Kenny (who gets all the best arias) is terrific. --Matthew Westphal