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Goldoliers / Rudigore (Comp) Import

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  • CD (2001/4/24)
  • SPARSコード: DDD
  • ディスク枚数: 3
  • フォーマット: Import
  • レーベル: Pearl
  • ASIN: B0000589ZZ
  • EAN: 0727031013525
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  1. Gondoliers: Act I: Ov
  2. Gondoliers: Act I: List And Learn
  3. Gondoliers: Act I: Good Morrow, Pretty Maids
  4. Gondoliers: Act I: For The Merriest Fellows Are We
  5. Gondoliers: Act I: See, See At Last They Come
  6. Gondoliers: Act I: Buon Giorno, Signorine
  7. Gondoliers: Act I: We're Called Gondolieri
  8. Gondoliers: Act I: And Now To Choose Our Brides
  9. Gondoliers: Act I: Are You Peeping?
  10. Gondoliers: Act I: Thank You Gallant Gondolieri
  11. Gondoliers: Act I: From The Sunny Spanish Shore
  12. Gondoliers: Act I: In Enterprise Of Martial Kind
  13. Gondoliers: Act I: O Rapture When Alone Together
  14. Gondoliers: Act I: There Was A Time
  15. Gondoliers: Act I: I Stole The Prince
  16. Gondoliers: Act I: But, Bless My Heart
  17. Gondoliers: Act I: Try We Life-Long
  18. Gondoliers: Act I: Bridegroom And Bride
  19. Gondoliers: Act I: When A Merry Maiden Marries
  20. Gondoliers: Act I: Kind Sir You Cannot Have The Heart
  21. Gondoliers: Act I: Do Not Give Away
  22. Gondoliers: Act I: Then One Of Us Will Be Queen
  23. Gondoliers: Act I: Now Pray What Is The Cause?
  24. Gondoliers: Act I: Replying We Sing
  25. Gondoliers: Act I: For Everyone Who Feels Inclined
  26. Gondoliers: Act I: Come, Let's Away
  27. Gondoliers: Act I: Farewell, My Love
  28. Gondoliers: Act I: Then Away We Go To An Island Fair
  29. Gondoliers: Act I: Away We Go To A Balmy Isle


  1. Gondoliers: Act II: Of Happiness The Very Pith
  2. Gondoliers: Act II: Rising Early In The Morning
  3. Gondoliers: Act II: Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes
  4. Gondoliers: Act II: Here We Are At The Risk Of Our Lives
  5. Gondoliers: Act II: After Sailing To This Island
  6. Gondoliers: Act II: Dance A Cachucha
  7. Gondoliers: Act II: There Lived A King
  8. Gondoliers: Act II: In A Contemplative Fashion
  9. Gondoliers: Act II: With Ducal Pomp
  10. Gondoliers: Act II: On The Day That I Was Wedded
  11. Gondoliers: Act II: To Help Unhappy Commoners
  12. Gondoliers: Act II: Small Titles And Orders
  13. Gondoliers: Act II: I Am A Courtier Grave And Serious
  14. Gondoliers: Act II: Here Is A Case Unprecedented
  15. Gondoliers: Act II: Now Let The Loyal Lieges Gather Round
  16. Gondoliers: Act II: The Royal Prince Was By The King Entrusted
  17. Ruddigore Act II: I Was Once As Meek As A New-born Lamb
  18. Ruddigore Act II: Happily Coupled Are We
  19. Ruddigore Act II: In Bygone Days I Had Thy Love
  20. Ruddigore Act II: Painted Emblems Of A Race
  21. Ruddigore Act II: When The Night Wind Howls
  22. Ruddigore Act II: He Yields! He Answers To Our Call
  23. Ruddigore Act II: I Once Was A Very Abandoned Person
  24. Ruddigore Act II: My Eyes Are Fully Opened
  25. Ruddigore Act II: There Grew A Little Flower
  26. Ruddigore Act II: Oh, Happy The Lily


  1. Ruddigore Act I: Ov
  2. Ruddigore Act I: Fair Is Rose As Bright May-day
  3. Ruddigore Act I: Everyday As The Days Roll On
  4. Ruddigore Act I: Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
  5. Ruddigore Act I: If Somebody There Chanced To Be
  6. Ruddigore Act I: I Know Youth Who Loves A Little Maid
  7. Ruddigore Act I: From The Briny Sea
  8. Ruddigore Act I: I Shipped, D'ye See, In A Revenue Sloop
  9. Ruddigore Act I: My Boy, You May Take It From Me
  10. Ruddigore Act I: If Well His Suit Has Sped
  11. Ruddigore Act I: In Sailing O'er Life's Ocean Wide
  12. Ruddigore Act I: Cheerily Carols The Lark
  13. Ruddigore Act I: To A Garden Full Of Posies
  14. Ruddigore Act I: Welcome Gentry
  15. Ruddigore Act I: Oh Why Am I Moody And Sad?
  16. Ruddigore Act I: You Understand?
  17. Ruddigore Act I: Hail The Bride Of Seventeen Summers
  18. Ruddigore Act I: When The Buds Are Blossoming
  19. Ruddigore Act I: Hold, Bride And Bridegroom
  20. Ruddigore Act I: As Pure And Blameless Peasant
  21. Ruddigore Act I: Within This Breast There Beats A Heart
  22. Ruddigore Act I: Farewell! Thou Hadst My Heart
  23. Ruddigore Act I: Oh, Happy The Lily



The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company's postwar monophonic Gilbert and Sullivan recordings have largely fallen by the wayside, boasting neither the historical significance of the earlier, acoustic recordings nor the polish and outstanding stereo sound of the later remakes. Rehearing these 1950 recordings, though, renews one's appreciation for both the operas and the company. The star is Martyn Green, here a terrific Duke of Plaza-Toro in Gondoliers and an equally witty Robin Oakapple, in Ruddigore. But others contribute mightily as well--prime among them D'Oyly Carte's veteran bass Darrell Fancourt, whose 21st baronet in Ruddigore makes one wish he'd been available for Gondoliers as well.

Purists should be aware that the company makes little nips and tucks, conforming to the stage practice of the time; dialog is missing (not a bad thing for repeated hearings); and Pearl has cleaned up the original boxy sound about as well as can be expected. The recordings were made quickly, too (Gondoliers was recorded in one day), as the company rushed to get new recordings out before copyright expirations opened the floodgates to rival versions. That haste results in a raw quality to some of the singing that would otherwise have been redone. Finally, there's more subpar singing than anyone would want. But none of this will deter G&S fans, many of whom grew up with these recordings and have been impatient for their reissue. --Dan Davis