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Fine Tuned


Fine Tuned is a hard, cutting-edge, high-tech automotive makeover series that has been seen in over 110 countries worldwide including Fox Sports Net. It's a total adrenaline rush as stock sport compact cars are masterfully transformed into one-of-a-kind showcars!






Primeオリジナル作品 「戦闘車 シーズン2」 配信中

『戦闘車』シーズン2は浜田雅功率いる浜田軍 VS ナインティナイン・矢部浩之率いる矢部軍!卓越した運転技術を持つ芸能人たちがハンドルを握り、それぞれの"戦闘車"で競技に挑む、命がけの自動車戦闘バラエティ

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1. 2005 Nissan 350Z: The Pilot

Steven Norris initially emailed Fine Tuned, letting us know how much he loved his 2005 Nissan 350Z along with a laundry list of modifications that he wished he could make to his car. A week later after I received his submission, I knew that Steven was the perfect candidate to become FINE TUNED.

言語: English 再生時間: 44 分
購入 エピソード1 HD(高画質) ¥300
2. Art 1993 Toyota Supra: For Art's Sake

When I received Art's submission, I thought to myself there is no way a 19 year-old guy could be selfless enough to have one of the crown jewels within the Tuner world, as in the Toyota Supra yet somehow resist pouring every cent he had into it instead of donating every dollar he made to help support his family.

言語: English 再生時間: 44 分
購入 エピソード2 HD(高画質) ¥300
3. Richard 1994 Honda Civic: Reunited

Richard had been driving a 1994 Honda Civic that was on its last legs, the car was a mess but it got him from Point A to Point B, and that's all that mattered to him. The 8-day emotional build was extremely taxing on Richard as well as for our entire build team that knew in their hearts that we were building something more than just a fast and cool car.

言語: English 再生時間: 45 分
購入 エピソード3 HD(高画質) ¥300
4. 1995 Mazda RX-7 The Mighty Thor

Thor's 1995 MX-7 was mean and lean, but had been sitting on blocks for just over 2 years; his parents would grate at his nerves asking him repeatedly, "when are you going to get that out of our driveway?" For years Thor had no answer for them since the job he had was just enough to pay his own bills. Like many within this age group, Thor had only one place to turn, FINE TUNED.

言語: English 再生時間: 42 分
購入 エピソード4 HD(高画質) ¥300
5. 1997 BMW M3 Beat Tom!

Throughout the entire submission, Jeff repeated over again that all he wanted was to turn his aging 1997 BMW M3 into a performance car so that he could beat his best-friend Tom (who has a similar car) just once in a race.

言語: English 再生時間: 44 分
購入 エピソード5 HD(高画質) ¥300


主演 Tyson Beckford, Jay Lucky Hess
提供 Global Genesis Group
プロデューサー Chad Marshall, Ian Bounds, Sheilah Pacete
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フォーマット Prime Video(オンラインビデオをストリーミング)
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