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[Lichtman, Allan J.]のThe Case for Impeachment
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The Case for Impeachment Kindle版

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Kindle版, 2017/4/18
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“Lichtman has written what may be the most important book of the year.”  —The Hill

"It is still striking to see the full argument unfold and realize that you don’t have to be a zealot to imagine some version of it happening…Lies. Abuse of power. Treason. Crimes against humanity. Martial law. Lichtman throws everything Trump’s way.." —Washington Post

Professor Allan J. Lichtman, who has correctly forecasted thirty years of presidential outcomes, makes the case for impeaching the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump

In the fall of 2016, Distinguished Professor of History at American University Allan J. Lichtman made headlines when he predicted that Donald J. Trump would defeat the heavily favored Democrat, Hillary Clinton, to win the presidential election.

Now, in clear, nonpartisan terms, Lichtman lays out the reasons Congress could remove Trump from the Oval Office: his ties to Russia before and after the election, the complicated financial conflicts of interest at home and abroad, and his abuse of executive authority.

The Case for Impeachment also offers a fascinating look at presidential impeachments throughout American history, including the often-overlooked story of Andrew Johnson’s impeachment, details about Richard Nixon’s resignation, and Bill Clinton’s hearings. Lichtman shows how Trump exhibits many of the flaws (and more) that have doomed past presidents. As the Nixon Administration dismissed the reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein as “character assassination” and “a vicious abuse of the journalistic process,” Trump has attacked the “dishonest media,” claiming, “the press should be ashamed of themselves.”

Historians, legal scholars, and politicians alike agree: we are in politically uncharted waters—the durability of our institutions is being undermined and the public’s confidence in them is eroding, threatening American democracy itself.

Most citizens—politics aside—want to know where the country is headed. Lichtman argues, with clarity and power, that for Donald Trump’s presidency, smoke has become fire.


“Lichtman has written what may be the most important book of the year.” (The Hill)

“It is still striking to see the full argument unfold and realize that you don’t have to be a zealot to imagine some version of it happening…Lies. Abuse of power. Treason. Crimes against humanity. Martial law. Lichtman throws everything Trump’s way.” (Washington Post)

“Liberal catnip” (Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe)

“Lichtman’s powerful book is a reminder that we are only at the start of the Trump investigations. The US system takes a long time to gather speed. Once it does, it can be hard to stop.” (Financial Times)

“[Lichtman’s] book is a pretty substantial case for why Donald Trump should not have been president at all…The Case for Impeachment is a good backdrop for conversations that will likely remain a part of our national dialogue for some time.” (New York Journal of Books)


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それは、ワシントンDCにあるアメリカン大学(American University)で政治歴史学を教えるAllan Lichtman教授だ。2016年を含めた過去8回の大統領選を、独自のメソッドで正確に予測した人物だ。

大統領選で勝利したトランプは、Lichtmanに「Professor — Congrats — good call.(教授、おめでとう。正しい判定だった)」という手紙を送った。Lichtmanは苦笑したにちがいない。なぜなら、彼は同時にトランプ大統領が弾劾されることも予測していたのだから。
それを説明するのが、先週刊行されたばかりの『The Case for Impeachment』だ。

...続きを読む ›
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違反を報告 で最も参考になったカスタマーレビュー (beta) (「Early Reviewer Program」のレビューが含まれている場合があります) 5つ星のうち 4.2 54 件のカスタマーレビュー
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5つ星のうち 5.0 An Impeachment Alligator in President Trump's Swamp? 2017/4/27
投稿者 Keith Wheelock - (
形式: ハードカバー Amazonで購入
THE CASE FOR IMPEACHMENT is an important book by a distinguished American presidential historian. Professor Lichtman is not afraid to present his judgments boldly, even when he is pillared for his predictions.In September and October, 2016, utilizing his '13 keys to the presidency' successfully applied since the 1984 presidential elections, Lichtman predicted that Donald Trump would be elected. Trump sent him a congratulatory note.

In a November 11th Washington Post interview, Lichtman said: "not based on a system, it's just my gut....I'm quite certain Trump will give someone grounds for impeachment, either by doing something that endangers national security or because it helps his pocketbook."

I got to know Lichtman through his Great Courses, four-hour vignettes on 12 "great presidents." .As a history professor, I listened to the series ten times. Each time my admiration for Lichtman increased. He was extremely accurate and fair. His conclusions met the highest historical standards. This is a historian whose judgments I trust.

Lichtman states that this is "your warning about the dangers of Trump's rogue presidency and as your guide to the myriad transgressions that I predict will lead to his impeachment."

Lichtman provides a historical tutorial on impeachment, from the Constitutional Convention to the present. He writes on the political aspects of interpreting "Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." The impeachment of Andrew Johnson was a political rather than a legal proceeding. As described in the New York Times Johnson obituary: Johnson's "fatal flaw was that he was always headstrong an sure he was right, even in his errors." Lichtman relates this to Trump's personal style.

Professor Lichtman:
1. Characterizes Trump as a "serial law breaker" who has broken many laws for personal gain';
2. Highlights a wide range of business conflicts of interest by President Trump;
3. Describes Trump's penchant for lying;
4. Considers Trump's opposition to climate change as a possible crime against humanity;
5. Focuses on Trump's Russian connections; and
6. Underscores Trump's abuse of power and his lack of restraint.

Lichtman provides some specific 'Dutch uncle' advice on how Trump might avoid the dangers of impeachment. He then speaks of how the House, whether Republican or Democratic, might react to a President Trump with dismal results and/or dismal approval ratings.

Personally, I consider it far too early in Trump's presidency to predict whether he might face impeachment proceedings. Professor Lichtman, drawing on Trump's past behavior and his core character, presents a troubling scenario on how our 45th president could possibly fact impeachment in the House, which would then require two-thirds of voting senators to remove him from office.
3 人中、3人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 This is a book filled with rich information, a real gold mine! 2017/5/22
投稿者 Montzalee Wittmann - (
形式: Kindle版 Amazonで購入
The Case for Impeachment by Allan J. Lichtman is a book filled with rich information. He is the one that has predicted the last several presidential election results correctly including Trump. He also predicted that Trump would be impeached before his term would be up pointing to Trump's past behavior. The first part of the book briefly explains how the law came about and why. It then goes into the history of judges and Presidents that have had that law used on them and why. Then the juicy part...some of the laws now that can make a President be impeached. I didn't know they could be impeached for crimes they committed BEFORE they were President. The book goes into all the corrupt dealings of Trump over the years, I have followed and read a lot but boy this really lays it out. This book was put out in April of this year and none of the really top corruption is in it. He will have to add an update! I really learned a lot about our legal system. Good and bad. May it work properly for us all.
2 人中、2人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 Riveting well written book on Trumps shenanigans and impeachment in general. Thoroughly enjoyed it. 2017/5/25
投稿者 Ben D. Schaechter - (
形式: ハードカバー Amazonで購入
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Easy read. Most enjoyed the history of other impeachment proceedings. Wish there was more of that in here. The parts about Trump were very detailed and informative. Most of it I already was familar with but not to this level of detail.

Interesting that he wrote it about before the Recent shenanigans with comey and increased revelatios about his attempt to cover up something--we'll see what. Highly recommend this book to anyone interested in impeachment in general.
2 人中、2人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 A Must-Read for all who care about True Democracy and Justice! 2017/5/23
投稿者 RootsLegends - (
形式: ハードカバー Amazonで購入
A well thought-out, clear-thinking book that is in non-partisan, non emotional or reactionary, and user-friendly for all lay-persons to understand impeachable causes of American Presidents who don't truly serve with honor the country and its citizens. With two beginning chapters based on historical facts of impeachment, professor Lichtman adeptly guides the readers through comprehending crucial grounds into the currently significant crisis matters in our government.
1 人中、1人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 TRUMP is REALLY in for a big SURPRISE!!! 2017/5/27
投稿者 E. J. Monheiser - (
形式: ハードカバー Amazonで購入
GREAT Book!!! my yellow hightliter went CRAZY!!! I would recommend this one to anyone who is down in the dumps about the Trump Administration's takeover of our country!! Keep a stiff upper lip and keep going to Town Halls and marches!!!

E.J. Monheiser
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