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Web Application Development with PHP 4.0 (Landmark)

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Web Application Development with PHP 4.0 (Landmark) [ペーパーバック]

Tobias Ratschiller , Till Gerken


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 『Web Application Development with PHP 4.0』はありふれた言語指導本ではない。著者、ラトシラーとゲルケンは、すでにPHPに堪能であるが上級プログラミングテクニックとハイレベルなアプリケーション開発技術を必要としているコーダーにアピールするよう、本書の内容を意図的にデザインした。しっかりとしたプログラミングの基礎がある読者を対象にした、1レベル上のPHP教本であると言えるだろう。




As Web sites and intranets become larger and more complex, static HTML files hit their limits. In the first part of Web Application Development with PHP the authors explain PHP's advanced syntax like classes, recursive functions and variables. They present software development methodologies and coding conventions which are a must-know for industry quality products as well as to help making develop faster and more productive. This part covers also many standard algorithms for tree-structures, string sorting and searching. Part Two focuses on the concept of Web Applications (as opposed to single scripts) and gives much insight into user and session management, e-commerce systems, XML applications and WDDX.


Till Gerken is a developer with over 10 years of experience in C programming. He has a strong background in creating high-performance multimedia systems and other medium to large scale, high performance projects. He currently works as freelancer for different companies. Tobias Ratschiller is a New Media Consultant in Italy, specializing in the creation of large scale dynamic Web sites. He has provided consulting and implementation work for some of the worlds largest Web sites and has contributed to several other PHP titles. Apart from that, he teaches at seminars about usability, user interface design and content management systems. He runs http://phpwizard.net. Both authors have published Open Source PHP projects and technical articles for magazines like Internet World.

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