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The Ellington Century
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The Ellington Century [ハードカバー]

David Schiff

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Breaking down walls between genres that are usually discussed separately - classical, jazz, and popular - this highly engaging book offers a compelling new integrated view of twentieth-century music. Placing Duke Ellington (1899-1974) at the center of the story, David Schiff explores music written during the composer's lifetime in terms of broad ideas such as rhythm, melody, and harmony. He shows how composers and performers across genres shared the common pursuit of representing the rapidly changing conditions of modern life. "The Ellington Century" demonstrates how Duke Ellington's music is as vital to musical modernism as anything by Stravinsky, more influential than anything by Schoenberg, and has had a lasting impact on jazz and pop that reaches from Gershwin to contemporary R&B.


"'The Ellington Century' redefines the Duke's place in American music... It's a must-read for music students and enthusiasts." -- David Stabler The Oregonian 20120324 "Schiff makes you yearn to be a part of the ongoing flow of all music, not just jazz, or classical, or pop, or anything else. And that is one of the highest compliments I can pay the book." -- John Scott G Music Industry Newswire 20120223 "The most stimulating contribution to the Ellington literature I have encountered since Eddie Lambert's Listener's Guide." -- Roger Boyes Dems Bulletin 20120116 "This book will be a must read for Ellingtonians and any musician interested in jazz-classical theory." -- Lewis J Whittington All About Jazz 20120422 "An important milestone in Ellington scholarship, a one-of-a-kind substantive, in-depth study that opens possibilities for better understanding and appreciation of Duke Ellington the composer." -- Theodore (Ted) Hudson Ellingtonia 20120501 "Schiff's ode to Ellington is a joy." Publishers Weekly 20120528 "An invaluable contribution to music history ... [it] opens the door to a new understanding of modernism, one that resists traditional narratives of stratification and embraces history in all its messy complexity." -- Caroline Waight Make Magazine 20120507 "Schiff is ostensibly addressing classical listeners, but jazz folks will find the book equally fascinating, looking over the fence from the other side, at the harmonic refinements that would enrich jazz... The Ellington Century's expansiveness and shifting frames of reference are typically Ellingtonian. This lively kaleidoscopic narrative evokes Ellington's inclusive spirit." -- Kevin Whitehead Downbeat 20120801


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5つ星のうち 5.0 A very readable and interesting book 2012/2/22
投稿者 J. Rosenthal - (
The Ellington Century by David Schiff is very readable and covered an enormous amount of ground centering on jazz and Duke Ellington and their importance to music worldwide during the 20th century. Schiff covers many innovative composers and how they responded to prejudice (not just racism although certainly that) war, and technological change (among other things, and there's sex too!) experienced during the period. Schiff "meshes" all the composers and the music which makes the book fun to read and enables you to grasp his point. I had never thought in this way before about classical and jazz music, so it made for a very different and interesting book.
5つ星のうち 5.0 A must read for jazz scholars and players alike. 2013/5/15
投稿者 Tony Steve - (
This is a wonderful book by Dr. Schiff.
If you want deeper insight to Ellington, his music and the world around him this is the book to begin your journey.
5つ星のうち 4.0 A Giant of our Culture 2013/2/22
投稿者 Joe McCray - (
When you consider the role of racial bigotry in our culture as its overarching feature, the accomplishments of Duke Ellington are even more amazing than the unparalled beauty of his work. So much of what Ellington and his orchestera did over the years influences our lives. Probably more importantly it imparts joy across the racial divide - 'nobody doesn't love ellington'. Schiff's work tries to explain all that and, although it falls short of that goal, goes well down the road toward it.
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