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The Babies

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The Babies [ハードカバー]

Susan Sontag , Mark Holborn , Polly Borland




As perversions go, infantilism is little known, and even less understood. Imagine fully grown men wanting to revive their earliest days--dressed in diapers, dipped in baths, and "fed" from breasts--as a means to sexual stimulation or familial comfort. Now imagine trying to document this--yes, the thought that just popped into your head is right--and you have an idea of the Herculean effort Borland went through to grapple with and understand people with this type of fetish. Portrait-photographer-by-trade Polly Borland compassionately explores this surreal world, artfully framing the inner lives of adult babies alongside their outer manifestations. Many of these men, who function in society as truck drivers, accountants, and teachers, suffered as children and were left obsessed with the warmth and care experienced by other infants and toddlers. So they dress up in adult-sized baby clothes, powder their own bottoms, and...do what babies do, all in an attempt to recreate that lost attachment. And sometimes to get aroused. Accompanying these Arbus-like photographs are interviews with the babies themselves. The book, expertly sequenced by famed editor Mark Holborn, begins like the sweetest of lullabies, seducing us into a sense of lovely baby life... until about page 12.



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Amazon.com: 5つ星のうち 5.0  3 件のカスタマーレビュー
9 人中、9人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 "The Babies" is another link to my own secret, shuuuuu! 2009/2/20
投稿者 Big Cry Baby Warren - (Amazon.com)
As someone who has struggled most of my life with my own infantilism, it strikes a very deep cord to see such an affirmative piece of photographic work as Polly Borland's "The Babies." Susan's essay as well as Mark's introduction articulate that struggle in such a way that raises it above the usual terms of perversion and fetish onto a plain that makes those applications trivial.

As one who dares to strip away the other labels that many of us aggressively strive for a men in this society including gender and sexuality, Adult Babies, rightly or wrongly, are striving to place it all in perspective. Comfort, security, and the desire for love are basic to human nature, something that so many of us are unwilling to give or even receive from others without assessing what their motives might be. Why should this be so?

My Wittle Sissy Sisters and Brudders on those pages have exposed our greatest vulnerability, that fear of detection and rejection that underlies too many of everyone's actions today if they knew who "WE" really are. Took a great deal of courage even though there are thousands of Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers out there.

Looking through any AB/DL roster of members shows you that less than ten percent actually engage in dialogue while the rest only come to read the words or view the photographs of others, so many faceless shots.

Yes, it took a mountain of courage to waddle out from behind that computer screen into the light.

Diaper Boy and Jambo salute you!
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5つ星のうち 5.0 AB LIFESTYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY SEXUALLY AROUSING!!!!!!!!!! 2004/8/13
投稿者 Max Retro - (Amazon.com)
I found this review very helpful! You won't believe it, but I have the same fetish as the men in this book do! To back that up, I, when I get access to them, wear adult diapers and sometimes suck my thumb and drool! I am going to have a very happy AB/DL lifestyle forever and 24/7! I can't wait to get baby toys and be breastfed, diapered, etc.! I love it! ANYONE WHO ALSO HAS MY FETISH SHOULD DEFINITELY GET THIS BOOK! READ IT FROM THE FRONT TO BACK COVER! I STRONGLY RECCOMMEND IT!
10 人中、5人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 The Babies 2004/7/11
投稿者 PHILIP WILTON - (Amazon.com)
As an Infantilist I dress like the babies in this book which I have found very interesting as I have met several of them recently
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