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Tantra: The Supreme Understanding (英語) ペーパーバック – 2009/10/5

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Osho is one of the best-known and most provocative spiritual teachers of our time. The Sunday Times of London has named him one of the '1,000 makers of the twentieth century'; the novelist Tom Robbins has called him 'the most dangerous man since Jesus Christ'. Nearly two decades after his death in 1990, the influence of his teachings continues to grow, reaching seekers around the world.


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32 人中、30人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
Very, very important book 2011/6/22
投稿者 Natz301 - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
This book unlocked for me a sense of how to "be" in the world. This book brings you to the realization through the deconstruction of a poem by Tilopa, an ancient Tantric practitioner, that there is nothing to seek- there is only something to realize and allow, and that is your true divine nature. This book is all about understanding that you as you are right now, are totally and completely whole and ready for intense and profound living. The struggle is not with "finding out" how to do this, rather, it is understanding how to drop all of the illusions that stand in the way of you understanding this birthright. This book was so freeing, I felt incredibly lighter when I finished it. Osho is the master at getting to the point of seemingly complicated spiritual matters with the compassion of an old friend. I have read hundreds, literally, of spiritual books, psychological books and I can say that this is the most important book I've read to date. His words truly liberated me!
33 人中、30人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
Best book on Tantra! 2010/12/31
投稿者 Shawn Roop - (
形式: ペーパーバック
My name is Shawn Roop of Tantra Quest, as a teacher and and committed practiionor of Tantra since 2000, Osho's Tantra The Supreme Understanding, is BY FAR the best text for the modern mind on Tantra. I still read it almost everyday, and have since 2004. Its that rich. It best on the Mahamudra Lineage, which I hold. It not a book full of Practices, its more about understanding and returning to your natural state of enlightenment and being.

Remember, this book was not written, it was spoken, you keep that in mind. The reads better if you can understand that.

Enjoy! Its worth 10 stars!
26 人中、22人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
Supreme Osho 2010/7/26
投稿者 Roger Levering - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
This book, to me, was the best Osho book (now got about 28 of them) ever compiled.
Read it twice. The first time just drinking in its truth. The second time, very
slowly. What a giver he is! Commentaries on Tilopa's Song of Mahamudra. I wish
that at the end of the book, the compilers had had the words of the entire song all
together on a couple pages. I'm sending a new copy of this book to my daughter.
5 人中、5人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
Living in LOVE the Tantra way! 2011/10/15
投稿者 Niki - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
Tantra is indeed "The Supreme Understanding", and OSHO describes it so thoroughly and delightfully.
My whole life has changed since reading this, more love and understanding for all. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book!
Love is golden.
9 人中、7人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
Great book on tantra! 2012/5/29
投稿者 Juan R. - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
This is a great book. Osho explains the letter from Tilopa to Naropa part by part, and he managed to write a whole book about it! He might seem a bit redundant on information, which some times is good as you get reminded of information, and some others just seems repetitive. Osho sometimes is quite arrogant, but that is just the way he is. And this books definitely contains some good pearls of wisdom. What I suggest is for you to take the time to immerge yourself into the book, it would be great if you could do it when you have a week off from work when you can do just as it tells you... "do naught with the body, but relax". It helped me heal my insomnia and my sleep schedule became naturally regular from 4AM to 9PM, all full of energy! before hand I had to "naught but relax" in between reading around this book, a book on antioxidants(the antioxidant miracle), and a book on yoga (how yoga works). Then one day I slept til 11PM on a late night yoga class request, and messed up my sleep schedule again for weeks to come, hence I thought... I need more tantra!! It also gives you a certain natural rush of endorphines while you're hands-on it, as tantra is living wholeheartedly in a state of orgasmic joyfulness. Overall good book! enjoy the ride!
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