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Spring Into PHP 5 (Spring Into... Series)

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Spring Into PHP 5 (Spring Into... Series) [ペーパーバック]

Steven E. Holzner

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About the Author.

About the Series Editor.

1. Essential PHP.

Getting PHP.

Setting Up Your Development Environment.

Creating Your First PHP Script.

Running Your First PHP Script.

What If It Doesn’t Work?

Mixing In Some HTML.

How About Printing Out Some Text?

More Printing Power.

Printing “Here” Documents.

Running PHP on the Command Line.

Commenting Your Scripts.

Getting a Handle on Data: Variables.

Assigning Values to Variables.

Interpolating Variables in Strings.

Creating Variable Variables.

Creating Constants.

Handling Data Types.


2. Gaining Control with Operators and Flow Control.

The Math Operators.

The Math Functions.

The Assignment Operators.

Incrementing and Decrementing.

Operator Precedence.

The Execution Operator.

String Operators.

Bitwise Operators.

Using if Statements.

The Comparison Operators.

Logical Operators.

Using else Statements.

Using elseif Statements.

The Ternary Operator.

Using switch Statements.

Working with for Loops.

Working with while Loops.

Working with do...while Loops.

Working with foreach Loops.

Breaking Out of Loops.

Skipping Interactions with continue.

Some Alternative Syntax.


3. Handling Strings and Arrays.

Listing of String Functions.

Using the String Functions.

Formatting Strings.

Converting to and from Strings.

Creating Arrays.

Modifying Arrays.

Removing Array Elements.

Looping Over Arrays.

Listing of the Array Functions.

Sorting Arrays.

Navigating through Arrays.

Imploding and Exploding Arrays.

Extracting Variables from Arrays.

Merging and Splitting Arrays.

Comparing Arrays.

Manipulating the Data in Arrays.

Creating Multidimensional Arrays.

Looping Over Multidimensional Arrays.

Using the Array Operators.


4. Breaking It Up: Functions.

Creating a Function.

Passing Data to Functions.

Passing Arrays to Functions.

Setting Up Default Argument Values.

Passing Arguments by Reference.

Creating Variable-Length Argument Lists.

Returning Values from Functions.

Returning Arrays from Functions.

Returning Lists from Functions.

Returning References from Functions.

Using Variable Scope.

Getting Global Access.

Using Static Variables.

Creating Variable Functions.

Creating Conditional Functions.

Creating Functions within Functions.

Using Include Files.

Handling Errors Returned by Functions.


5. Handling HTML Controls in Web Pages.

Handling User Data with Web Forms.

Creating Text Fields.

Retrieving Data from Text Fields.


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