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Soulmate Relationships (英語) ペーパーバック – 2012/4/30

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Tara Springett is a Buddhist therapist and teacher and a fully qualified psychotherapist. She is the author of 'The Five-Minute Miracle', published by Redwheel /Weiser. Tara offers counselling one-to-one or by phone or skype. Tara would love to hear from and can be contacted via her website at


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Very insighful book with practical specific advice. 2014/5/6
投稿者 kathryn dydecka - (
形式: Kindle版
I found this book very insightful about how things really work. I deeply believe in the concept of even deal and I deeply believe that anyone that denies it, is only not aware of it. I also believe that people that are still single have a hidden block to meeting their soulmate. My personal experience is very much so. All of the single people I know do not moan about meeting a soulmate like I did. I met my soulmate and it was very much how this book describes it. I believe Tara is a highly aware individual and is able to see to the source of things. I recommend this book for anyone on their mission to find their soulmate. If you gotten as far as finding this book you are well on your way. Do not give up, it actually happens!
Review of "Soulmate Relationships" by Tara Springett 2013/5/2
投稿者 Zizanie - (
形式: ペーパーバック
Tara Springett is a Buddhist and a Counsellor and it shows. There has obviously been a great deal of thought put into the subject of this book;- relationships between couples. Tara explains, in clear language, what is needed to have and maintain a relationship which is truly authentic, satisfying and loving.
Within the first chapters, she gives a guided meditation which is simple but powerful. It is about how to release toxic emotions and thoughts about relationships with others.
Although the author is a practising Buddhist and refers to spiritual values, she has not written a New Age pop psychology book, but one which will speak to each individual in a clear and helpful way.
Some subjects covered are; why we are attracted to those who are similiar, yet why we need to be with those who are different in character from us.
Tara explains why we need to commit to our soul mate and how to move towards true happiness.
Her book clearly spells out the path of the true soul mate in a relationship and what each person needs to do in order for both to grow.
I particularly appreciated the examples from Tara's clinical experience. They were appropriate and provided welcome insights.
This book is not filled with dry facts or fanciful concepts. It is a concise road map for those who are genuinely interested in finding or keeping a life partner. Trap-falls for the unwary, how to deal with former failed relationships, how to set the stage for meeting your soul mate, even how to fight correctly within your relationship, all are covered in this book.
There are exercises, meditations and tips on finding, keeping and growing emotionally and spiritually, with your soul mate.
Tara has studied Tantra extensively, so tips about sexual chemistry and how to keep the passion burning are included as well.
An interesting, well written book from an author who delivers 'steak on the plate' not 'pie in the sky'. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
Understanding Relastionships Deeply 2013/5/24
投稿者 S. Delaplane - (
形式: ペーパーバック
I am 51 and single. I was in a long term relationship for over 25 years. My former partner and I are still very connected and I knew that for me to move on I had to understand this connection. This book "Soulmate Relationships" helped me the most deepest way. As I am now looking to really find my true match for the second half of my life - this book was profound in understanding relationships. The The Six Relationship Test Questions helped me a lot. I believe certain people in my life to be "soulmates" and this gave me clarity and an emotional grounding that I didn't have before. I know that whoever I end up with to share my life - It will be rich and joyful. I was also able to let go of long-time friends that I once felt that no matter what we should be friends because of our pasts. This book will give you some very deep insights into relationships and how to move forward in the most harmonious ways to get the most of out all of your relationships. I would recommend this book just for the pure pleasure of understanding the dynamics of all relationships.
If your open, this book shows you the way . . . 2013/5/8
投稿者 Wendy Dean - (
形式: ペーパーバック
Ms. Springett is an amazing author and teacher. Her book logically leads you through the process of finding what you need within you to attract what you want from the world - in this case, a soulmate. I found her book to be invaluable, especially her focus on self-love and forgiveness. She presents a new and profound way of looking at romantic relationships and tools to manifest what you want. What you REALLY want. Not just what you think you want. If you are interested in finding a long-term partner, or just curious about the idea of a "soulmate," this book is a great read.
A blueprint for happiness 2014/3/24
投稿者 Elena Christian - (
形式: ペーパーバック
I was eager to read this one after transforming my life in the last several months with Tara's HC healing technique, and it did not disappoint. The meditations and an exercise she outlines this book will bring immediate relief from suffering from past relationships, including the ones we have with out parents and ourselves. The Six Relationship Questions should be required before one is allowed a Relationship License! I recommend following the exercises in this book simply to bring about more happiness.
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