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She Lives! the Return of Our Great Mother (英語) ペーパーバック – 2010/9/15

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  • ペーパーバック: 190ページ
  • 出版社: Open Sea Press (2010/9/15)
  • 言語: 英語
  • ISBN-10: 0982819722
  • ISBN-13: 978-0982819722
  • 発売日: 2010/9/15
  • 商品パッケージの寸法: 14 x 1.1 x 21.6 cm
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Does she really? 2011/6/26
投稿者 Heartland G - (
形式: ペーパーバック
Judaism and Christianity do not have genuine images of the divine mother. They sacrifice and torture their children not protect them, and they sacrifice women's liberty to men's selfishness, cruelty and greed.

They are male supremacist religions that many have suffered horrific abuses under. They are using women as breeding animals for their armies and they will take your liberty and often your lives away if you oppose them. they own the internet, the media and the whole system. The pompous patriarchs have all the wealth and power. Martha Stewart - the only really rich woman that can supposedly compete with abundant resources is supposed to be Martha from the bible who was so busy making dinner she didn't listen to Jesus. She is their puppet. They let her succeed, no other woman could because they own it all and only let those rise who don't oppose male supremacist ideology. Especially they won't let you succeed if you go up against their child torture, woman slavery religions. Worldwide religion is the most commonly used tool to target women for abuses of all kinds, from torture and death, to abuse of your children, to slavery.

Pavlov's pussy isn't enough for me to pay for these crimes. Pavlov was a scientist who trained dogs to drool at a bell. They're training our sexuality so they can use and abuse us and our children at will. This is deliberate and planned, they have sexual assault codes. They are killing us and torturing us. Women are ending up dead, especially those who resist. They have your homes and your lives rigged with technology, and secret brotherhoods are routinely raping and abusing women. They have professional set-up artists and will use image warfare, psyche warfare and tech warfare on you. If you find yourself going crazy, feeling paranoid, or being hunted with strange experiences, it is not in your head. You have every reason to be paranoid. They use techniques to create complex illusions and much code and subversive behavior, psyche warfare and drugs to make you crazy. Crazy also suits their image warfare campaign so it is a favorite for those who begin to figure out what they're up to. Your family members may mysteriously die, you may end up without a job strangely, and soon on the streets accused of being a crazy conspiracy theorist. It's amazing what they can do - watch the Net. Blame accusations to throw you off guard is another one. Threats of humiliation and abuse is also something they do to keep you under control. Sexual imagery they have secretly filmed is a typical technique. Do not help them by humiliating or abusing other women unless the women are their trained vicious b*tches (their words not mine and some women actually do participate so watch out for them. Never be one of them, your daughters pay for your cruelty.) Do not watch film of other women's sexuality, this is how they threaten them - with this humiliation, which is another assault to many women.

Fight with all you have. You have a right at this point to use deadly force to defend your liberties and your safety if need be. We are living in a male supremacist government with only religion and pavlov's pussy keeping us calm while they assault us and move into position to take back what we've won. They are promoting a system which is supposedly about freedom, justice and equality for all. None of which they genuinely believe in. These religions are deliberately designed belief systems to take your liberty. They are constructed carefully understanding your psychology and your ease of manipulation. Men do to us what they do to animals - trick them into cages and then use us for whatever purpose. Unpaid labor, sex and ego trips - and children for their crappy, evil armies. White separatists might also using these techniques. Using women to breed armies, that is. Be aware. Black people are a definite target.

Read "the Game" if you can get a genuine copy of it. They own the postal service, their networks control the media. Watch spy game and enemy of the state. Learn everything about tech and politics and images they use to manipulate you. knowledge, science and every bit of information you can get is important. If you want your daughters to be free in the future, get every strength you can also. One thing they always preach is poverty - the poor are great boon for tyrants - then the people in control can own and use everything pretending to be gods. Preach abundance to nourish your children and yourselves - never poverty. Women get rich. Get power. They also love weakness because tyrants can abuse the weak. So they actually preach weakness to people. Oppose these religions, no matter how aggressively they use propaganda and image to sell them. They are a very aggressive thought disease they know full well they are abusing you with. They are raping your kids. Being nailed to a piece of wood - the passion of the christ has sexual meaning. Wood is a traditional sexual meaning in world mythology traditions, in fact, they call a man's erection a woodie for a reason. Many of them know these codes. Some of them are innocent, but some of them just put a face on it - the seeming innocent man in your midst, might know full well your daughters (and sons sometimes) are being assaulted. They are professional trained liars, that's what they're doing in some secret brotherhoods. The sacrifice of an innocent lamb - or virgin - also has sexual meaning. They torture the innocent in sexualized rituals. It is a symbol of predators and the word pray is a code for prey like a predator. They are mass organized crime, like the nazis and it ain't a fun sexual game no matter how they defensively lie when you find out, women are tortured against their will and there is no fun p*ssy vibe in real rape and torture let me tell you. You have no idea what real pain is. The mob is Christian and "the godfather" of torture and abuse is their official movie. Do not believe anything the bio-engineers or their puppet men tell you. They use you like the use and abuse animals. Again, you have the right to defend yourself. Study bio-tech, genetic engineering, medicine, industrial systems, how money systems and postal systems are made and organized. Especially tech and the connection of information. Control the information you control the people. And we're the people these tyrants are controlling. The more they get control of it all the more you are easily victimized with propaganda. You need to defend yourself. Study every kind of tech -

Biological weapons, all kinds of tech - they have it. So you need to learn and gain every bit of knowledge you can about everything. Get organized, this government is forcing us to live with men and be in religions that demand our compliance to their sexual greed. In a free country women should be able to live without men and being sexual with men - a free choice to live as we choose - in groups of our choosing. Anything else is forcing us into sexual relations with men which is rape, the most vile of crimes next to murder. We are not free. Women freedom fighters, lesbians and others who choose not to worship the bio-engineers (who created women and animals to be used and abused) - to not live with the selfish male dominance system are hunted down and killed. It is why they hate homosexuality. They cannot enslave or own us when we have options to live without them and can provide our own resources.

Not just judeo-christianity, but all religions that threaten us if we don't comply with their selfishness and greed are systems of rape and abuse. They are the most common mass abuse and crime against us. They are demanding we live under their rule, engage with them sexually or - have no life, with no pay for our labor and threats and abuse should we try to escape. In some places these type of systems actually buy and sell women and have a "bride price." This is barely concealed slavery. This is not something just inflicted on you but on innocent children as well. Fight for your dignity and your liberty.

They have professional iRobot mockers if you try to tell the truth and escape, that and aggressive propaganda is the first weapon, then they use - threats and abuse, then finally often will try and kill you. Ever notice how there is no non male supremacist religious organization in every town - only christian churches everywhere. There is a reason for that. Those of us that try to escape and set up something new are continually harassed and abused by them. There is no freedom of religion here like they lie and pretend there is. They control it and if it suits their propaganda the few "alternative" religions are allowed to exist, but only under their rule. Many of them must call themselves wicked or witches (wicca) or have snakes in the background somewhere implying you're a venomous liar, or in some manner have predator imagery or be male supremacist in nature. Everywhere people who try to express liberty are threatened bullied or sicked on by professional set-up artists and image warfare people, professional mockers etc.... Or end up conveniently and "accidentally" dead. As a group we have a somewhat better shot and protesting. Please try. Imagine a temple in every town that opposes animal abuse, child abuse and sacrifice, slavery of women or judgement of individuals based on race, that teaches genuine generosity and respect - to animals children and all we have power over. We can start.

So yeah, this book is just more of their propaganda which is in everything. Every alternative religion there is - right away they write a book pretending to be them and inserting their own profuse lies. This is true of groups also, btw, they most likely will be infiltrated. There is no counter opinion to their constant propaganda, this probably will not get out there. They own the presses, they own the postal system. I have gotten several books that have been altered. My home is rigged, we are in a fascist society at this point. Fight back. Women starved themselves before Ghandi did for your liberty, honor them.
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