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Secure PHP Development: Building 50 Practical Applications

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Secure PHP Development: Building 50 Practical Applications [ペーパーバック]

Mohammed J. Kabir


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Part I: Designing PHP Applications.

Chapter 1: Features of Practical PHP Applications.

Chapter 2: Understanding and Avoiding Security Risks.

Chapter 3: PHP Best Practices.

Part II: Developing Intranet Solutions.

Chapter 4: Architecture of an Intranet Application.

Chapter 5: Central Authentication System.

Chapter 6: Central User Management System.

Chapter 7: Intranet System.

Chapter 8: Intranet Simple Document Publisher.

Chapter 9: Intranet Contact Manager.

Chapter 10: Intranet Calendar Manager.

Chapter 11: Internet Resource Manager.

Chapter 12: Online Help System.

Part III: Developing E-mail Solutions.

Chapter 13: Tell-a-Friend System.

Chapter 14: E-mail Survey System.

Chapter 15: E-campaign System.

Part IV: Using PHP for Sysadmin Tasks.

Chapter 16: Command-Line PHP Utilities.

Chapter 17: Apache Virtual Host Maker.

Chapter 18: BIND Domain Manager.

Part V: Internet Applications.

Chapter 19: Web Forms Manager.

Chapter 20: Web Site Tools.

Part VI: Tuning and Securing PHP Applications.

Chapter 21: Speeding Up PHP Applications.

Chapter 22: Securing PHP Applications.

Part VII: Appendixes.

Appendix A: What’s on the CD-ROM.

Appendix B: PHP Primer.

Appendix C: MySQL Primer.

Appendix D: Linux Primer.


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