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Professional Php4 Xml

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Professional Php4 Xml [ペーパーバック]

Luis Argerich , Ken Egervari , Matt Anton , Chris Lea , Charlie Killian , Chjris Hubbard , James Fuller


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This book covers the PHP language (and is up to date with the latest 4.2 release), the XML standard and the intersection between these widely used technologies. You will learn the "core" standards for XML processing such as Xpath,Dom,SAX and XSLT and how to use them from PHP. Satellite standards, vocabularies and other technical topics related to XML processing are also covered with examples, tips and suggestions from an experienced field of PHP programmers and XML experts.


This book is a tutorial, a resource and a reference for PHP programmers who need to process XML data or interface different systems using XML. Non PHP programmers who need to construct a web based frontend for an application using XML can learn how to do it using PHP, since the book also covers the basic foundations of PHP programming.

Advanced PHP programmers experienced in XML will obtain a reference as well as a very deep coverage on advanced topics.

Here is the book in a nutshell:

- Fundamentals of the PHP programming based on PHP4

- Fundamentals of XML

- Summary of the large list of XML derivatives and a description of them

- "Core" XML standards and how to use them from PHP: SAX,DOM,Xpath,XSLT

- Coverage of the brand new DOM extension for PHP 4.2

- Installation procedures for XML-related PHP extensions both for Unix and Windows

- Implementation and use of web services using PHP and XML-RPC

- Interfacing with other systems using PHP as a client

- Storing and retrieving XML data using PHP

- Using popular XML vocabularies such as SVG, RSS and WML from PHP


Luis Argerich is a development and technology manager for salutia, a leading health solutions provider for South America and a teacher at the university of Buenos Aires (UBA). Luis has shown interest in PHP since version 2.0 and has used it in conjunction with XML for projects such as search engines, transactional systems, web applications, web services and others.

Ken Egervari is a 21-year entrepreneur from Windsor, Ontario CA who is a technology enthusiast and software architect.Ken has written several types of applications ranging from networking to entertainment and then enterprise. He has used various languages such as assembly, C, C++, Java, SQL, PHP, DHTML and others

Matt Anton (LAMP is literally his middle name) is a computer consultant,freelance writer working off his base in the middle-east.He leads a quiet life(so he thinks), loves his parents(so they think) and believes in God (so God thinks).

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