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Professional Javascript

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Professional Javascript [ペーパーバック]

Sing Li , Nigel McFarlane , Mark Wilcox , Cliff Wootton , Andrea Chiarelli , Paul Wilton , Stuart Updegrave , James De Carli


Professional Javascript (Programmer to Programmer) Professional Javascript (Programmer to Programmer)
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JavaScript is the language of the web, used in programming all the major browsers. It is a powerful scripting language that lets web developers produce more powerful, more user-friendly and more interactive web pages, and with the release of the Version 5 browsers its power will become even greater. JavaScript is not just for client-side, however; it's increasingly finding favour as a server side programming language- in Microsoft's ASP technology- and as a programming language for administration tasks with applications such as the Windows Scripting Host.

This book covers the broad spectrum of programming JavaScript - from the core language to browser applications and server-side use to stand-alone and embedded JavaScript. It includes a guide to the language - when where and how to get the most out of JavaScript - together with practical case studies demonstrating JavaScript in action. Coverage is bang up-to-date, with discussion of compatability issues and version differences, and the book concludes with a comprehensive reference section.


This book is for programmers looking to bring their JavaScript skills to the cutting edge, and for any programmer looking for a comprehensive compendium of tips and an up-to-date JavaScript reference. It will also be of use to experienced programmers looking to learn JavaScript or leverage its power for a specific purpose.


Nigel McFarlane lives the good life in Melbourne, Australia, where he works as a Senior Software Engineer for TUSC Computer Systems in the telecommunications industry. Within the computer industry he messes with C, C++, Perl, Browser and Web technology, communications, databases, PCs, Unix, whatever comes along really, not the least of which is JavaScript. He's written the odd bit of code he's proud of. He's had to touch FORTRAN a few times, but escaped COBOL entirely. His standard line on writing books, or in fact doing anything, is give it a try and who knows what'll happen. Life's a bit like that. He doesn't own a TV, has a shamefully old computer, and only got an answering machine because his friends were ready to kill him. When he's got a nanosecond of free time you might find him at the pub listening to Folk music, doing dinner-and-a-movie, sweating at Wu Gong (a martial art), or heading off to surf (very poorly) at Bell's Beach or thereabouts.
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