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Photographs, 1970-1990

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Photographs, 1970-1990 [ハードカバー]

Annie Liebovitz






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Amazon.com: 5つ星のうち 4.3  14 件のカスタマーレビュー
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5つ星のうち 1.0 Don't waste your money! 1999/10/17
By Neondon - (Amazon.com)
While I love Annie Leibovitz's photographic talents, I was disappointed with this soft-cover magazine. Many of the pictures are in her other better books, and others are uninteresting. Let someone else buy this magazine, and you go to their place a read it once. I'm refunding this book back to Amazon.com.
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5つ星のうち 5.0 Layers of Meaning Like the Brush Strokes of Old Masters 2001/1/17
By Donald Mitchell - (Amazon.com)
Seeing so many celebrity photographs from the beginning of Ms. Leibovitz's career unveils many of the most effective methods that she uses to create her deep insights into the subject of the portrait. Although you may feel the subtlety of her work viscerally, these comparisons make it easier to appreciate the purposefulness of how the effects are brilliantly captured. If you are like me, this book will enhance your already deep appreciation of her work.
Before going into all the reasons I like this book, let me mention that the book contains tasteful nudity and sexual situations that would probably cause an R rating for a motion picture (or possibly something a bit stronger, like an R plus). Many parents would be uncomfortable with some of their children seeing these images. So judge the appropriateness of this wonderful book for your own family.
First, Ms. Leibovitz is looking for the soul of the person. Who are they at the core? This is captured by establishing a composition that overtly expresses this inner kernel of truth. For Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold, this is captured by mud wrestling. For Muhammad Ali, you see a fully confident, capable man fully comfortable with himself and the world.
Second, she captures the subject's personality with posing and expression within the composition. Whoopi Goldberg's playfulness is captured by a composition that has little bits of her beautiful blackness emerging from a milk bath, with a characteristicly wry, happy smile.
Third, she shows the social mask that the subject uses. Lily Tomlin's face poses behind a television set image. Diane Keaton is shown wandering around with her face averted from the camera to capture her preference for privacy and appearance of shyness. Keith Haring appears wearing nothing but his painted on designs.
Fourth, she connects her subject to another person where that helps to establish part of the person's reality. John Lennon appears in foetal position with Yoko Ono, in that famous image from this book's cover. The Rolling Stones are literally flying through the air at the same time while performing. The Grateful Dead are asleep on each other's shoulders. Interestingly, she is usually able to do this with a humorous, light touch that dispells some of the celebrity power of the person.
Fifth, she lets a little slip in composure or a little blemish show where that adds to the underlying reality. Louis Armstrong looks scared in one classic portrait pose, while totally relaxed and in control in a less formal setting. Mick Jagger's partially healed scar is shown in another image. Jodie Foster puts on an intelligent expression that shows the Yale graduate rather than the young female star.
Sixth, she captures motion in ways that give the kinesthetics of the person and situation wonderfully. For example, a group of prisoners and family members hug at Soledad Prison in California at Christmas in 1971. You see many different relationships in this one image. It's like a microcosm of all humanity.
Here are my favorite images:
John Lennon, New York City, 1970
Louis Armstrong, Queens, New York, 1971
Christmas, 1971, Soledad Prison, California
The Grateful Dead, San Rafael, California, 1971
Ray Charles, San Francisco, 1972
Lily Tomlin, Los Angeles, 1973
Richard Pryor, Los Angeles, 1974
Andy Warhol, New York City, 1976
Tennessee Williams, Key West, Florida, 1974
Ron Kovic, Santa Monica, California, 1973
The Rolling Stones, Philadelphia, 1975
Brian Wilson, Malibu, California, 1976
Muhammad Ali, Chicago, 1978
Robert Penn Warren, Fairfield, Connecticut, 1980
John Lennon and Yoko Ono, New York City, December 8, 1981
Greg Louganis, Los Angeles, 1984
Bruce Springsteen, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 1987
Whoopi Goldberg, Berkeley, California, 1984
Twyla Tharp, New York City, 1989
Michael Jackson, Los Angeles, 1989
Mikhail Baryshnikov, New York City, 1989
After you have enjoyed the book, I suggest that you make a drawing that does a similar unveiling of someone you know well. You might even consider a self-portrait. Ms. Leibovitz says those are the hardest to do.
Look deeply into those all around you and see the truth . . . as well as the fictions.
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5つ星のうち 5.0 I love her work! 1999/12/16
By "may-tal" - (Amazon.com)
A must have book for all photography fans and amateur photographers. Annie has her own unique style - she knows exactly how to seize the moment. Her early photographs describe her family, Rock stars and their fans and even simple people - in that special moment that will never return, that moment that Annie so creatively captured. Annie's Photographs, are semi-journalistic, and describe a given situation - no excess face powder and bright lights. Besides these, the book contains her most famous "staged" photographs, in which Annie took pictures of famous people from her own perspective. I must say, that the scenarios and poses chosen for most celebrities fit them like a glove. My favorite photographs are the one in which Woopie Goldberg is soaking in a bath full of milk, and the beautiful photo of Sting, standing covered in mud, in the middle of the desert (of course, there is also the famous photograph of John and Yoko).
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5つ星のうち 5.0 Captures the true essence of everyone she photographs.... 1999/10/6
By カスタマー - (Amazon.com)
This is one of the most expressive photo books of famous human beings I have ever seen. Leibovitz has a way of capturing the subject at THAT moment that lets you know them and see the humility behind them. Her photos remind us that these "famous" people are human just like you and I. Leibovits has the talent to do the things that she wants to do and has combined them with all of the elements that are present. The quality of Leibovitz's photos are crisp, clear and sharp. This is a beautiful piece of art in itself, as well as the individual photos. Annie Leibovitz is an inspiration to me and this book says it all.
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5つ星のうち 5.0 One Of The Most Celebrated Photographer of the 20th Century! 2001/6/5
By Martin A Hogan - (Amazon.com)
Annie Leibovitz's name is as recognizable as her photos. This collection spans two decades filled with her best work mostly from Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, but including some previously unpublished ones. She has the knack to bring out the side of a celebrities personality unexpected, and a way to turn a comic photo on it's side for another uplift of laughter. Some serious, some funny and many sentimental, Annie Leibovitz's photos invoke thought, humor, tenderness and empathy in every frame. A woman from modest beginnings shows the world what she has accomplished so far. It is an impressive feat.
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