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PHP 5 Unleashed

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PHP 5 Unleashed [ペーパーバック]

John Coggeshall

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    Organization of the Book


1. Basic PHP Development.

    How PHP Scripts Work

    Basic PHP Syntax

    Basic PHP Data Types

    Variable Manipulation

    Control Structures

      Logical Control Structures

      Repetition Control Structures

      Embedding Control Structures

    User-Defined Functions

    Dynamic Variables and Functions

      Dynamic Variables

      Dynamic Functions

    Multiple File PHP Scripts


      Variable References

      References Used in Functions

    Strings in PHP

      Speed and Efficiency of String Expressions

    Comparing Strings

    Advanced String Comparison

      Comparing Phrases

    Search and Replacement

      Replacing Strings

    Formatting Strings

      Alternatives to printf()

    Strings and Locales

      Formatting Currency Values

    Formatting Date and Time Values


2. Arrays.

    Basic Arrays

      Array Syntax

      Working with Arrays

    Implementing Arrays

      Using an Array as a List

      Using Arrays as a Sortable Table

      Using Arrays as a Lookup Table

      Converting from Strings to Arrays and Back

    More Array Materials

3. Regular Expressions.

    The Basics of Regular Expressions

    Limitations of the Basic Syntax

    POSIX Regular Expressions

    Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)

      Named Patterns

    PCRE Modifiers

    A Few Final Words

4. Working with Forms in PHP.

    HTML Forms 101

      How Forms Are Created

      HTML Widgets

    Working with Form Submissions in PHP

      Retrieving Form Values

      Using Arrays as Widget Names

      Handling File Uploads


5. Advanced Form Techniques.

    Data Manipulation and Conversion

      Dealing with Magic Quotes

      Data Conversion and Encoding


    Form Data Integrity

      Securing Hidden Elements

      The protect() Function

      The validate() Function

      Putting protect() and validate() into Action

    Form Processing

      Basic Form Processing and Validation

      General-Purpose Form Validation

      Separation of Presentation from Validation


6. Persistent Data Using Sessions and Cookies.

    HTTP Cookies

      Cookie Features and Restrictions

      How Cookies Are Implemented

      Implementing Cookies in Your Scripts

    PHP Sessions

      Basic Session Use

      Session Propagation

    Advanced Sessions

      Custom Session Handling

      Customizing Session Support


7. Using Templates.

    The What and Why of Templates

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