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Moleskine 2013-2014 Weekly Planner, 18 Month, Pocket, Black, Soft Cover (3.5 x 5.5) (Planners & Datebooks)

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Moleskine 2013-2014 Weekly Planner, 18 Month, Pocket, Black, Soft Cover (3.5 x 5.5) (Planners & Datebooks) [カレンダー]






This pocket-sized 18-month weekly planner notebook covers the period from July 2013 through to December 2014. Featuring a black soft cover with rounded edges, the notebook contains 208 pages of acid-free paper, a ribbon bookmark and an elastic band to keep everything secure when closed. There is also an expandable inner pocket that contains 225 adhesive labels to mark important dates, deadlines and special notes. The planner notebook shows the week's appointments at a glance on the left, with a lined page on the right for extra notes and ideas.


  • カレンダー: 33ページ
  • 出版社: Moleskine (2013/3/26)
  • 言語: 英語, 英語, 英語
  • ISBN-10: 8866135895
  • ISBN-13: 978-8866135890
  • 発売日: 2013/3/26
  • 商品パッケージの寸法: 14 x 1.6 x 9 cm
  • Amazon ベストセラー商品ランキング: 洋書 - 55,031位 (洋書のベストセラーを見る)
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Amazon.com: 5つ星のうち 4.2  15 件のカスタマーレビュー
13 人中、12人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 4.0 About as good as I've found 2013/5/17
投稿者 Buyer - (Amazon.com)
Pocket sized
flexible cover but durable
page holder
elastic band closure
left hand week view divided by days, right hand note page - a great layout

lots of useless info, about the first 30 pages is garbage you don't need
a little thick but still manageable for a pocket

Would be better if:
less useless info
Had perforated note pages * This is huge
2 人中、2人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 favorite planner! 2013/8/7
投稿者 Camille - (Amazon.com)
After trying out multiple planners I followed a friend's advice and tried out this moleskine planner. I was looking for a planner small enough to fit into my many purses and sturdy enough to hold up under heavy use, and found that this planner meets these needs perfectly. Similarly to Sam Barris' review, I write my appointments/important events/due dates on the left, and organize my tasks on the right. The lines for notes are narrower than college-ruled, which I really like, but it is rather unaccommodating if you tend to have larger handwriting or bad eye-sight. I also agree with previous comments about the "useless" pages in the beginning; I don't use those at all, except writing in birthdays on the month planner. Rather than the front of the planner, I get more use out of the back as a place to tape my class schedules and the pocket as a place to store post-it notes and business cards. (Also, each planner should come with 3 sheets of stickers in the back pocket of the planner.)

Overall, I'm very happy with this moleskine planner and I don't think I'll be switching to another planner any time soon.
1 人中、1人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 I finally found the perfect weekly planner 2013/9/22
投稿者 Mr. Z - (Amazon.com)
First of all, it looks so cool. Compact, it fits in my shirt pocket. It's got a ribbon book mark AND an elastic place holder, so I can open the book directly to the current week with no hassle.

Second of all, it gives me seven days on the left side and a lined page on the right. So I can write my notes easily, without trying to cramp them into a small space.

Finally, it's a "Moleskine." Which automatically makes it the Rolls Royce of planners.
1 人中、1人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 Yes I use my computer, but .. 2013/10/22
投稿者 hurch @ the Sault - (Amazon.com)
This is a great pocket planner. Lots of room for comments and it does fit in your pocket. I view it as a complement to my computer and my iPad. Old habits die hard and I do like the personal feel of "writing" notes instead of typing so I use both and have for quite a while. If you want an inexpensive pocket planner with an academic calendar this is the one for you!!!
1 人中、1人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 5.0 Good as usual 2014/3/30
投稿者 John Doe - (Amazon.com)
What I expect, the usual high quality paper and flexible soft cover. Thankfully the fake leather doesn't reek of VOCs as it did for one I bought a few years back. I buy these every year and love the week on the left and notes on the right. Works very well for me.
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