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Hillary's Secret War: The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists (英語) ハードカバー – 2004/4

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To the Ramparts!!! 2004/5/7
投稿者 Jerri L. Ward - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
This is an extremely well written and researched book that will make you want to DO SOMETHING about the systemic squashing of debate instigated by Hillary Clinton and continued on by her minions seeded into Big Media, the government's bureaucracy and academia. You will want to do something because this book will not only convince of the need, but of the possibililty of victory over the autocratic tendencies of the "anointed".
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History You're Not Supposed to Know 2004/5/1
投稿者 "lennydetroit" - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
This well-documented and meticulously researched book will never be reviewed by the NY Times, and its author will never appear on an ABC, CBS or NBC news show.
Not because the liberal media have grounds to refute its evidence, but rather because they don't want you to even know the book exists!
Take the time to read it and decide for yourself. Well worth the time and effort, as well as the price of admission.
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Founding Member of VRWC--We were there! 2004/4/30
投稿者 Ramjet75 - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー Amazonで購入
As a founding member of the VRWC, I was THERE on 10/31/98 when we held our March for Justice...the culmination of the growing Internet News Team that FreeRepublic has become.
This story of our fight against their evil corruption must be told far and wide.
Do you think we would have EVER heard about Monica if it wasn't for Drudge?
God Bless America and ALL who sail on her!
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Must read 2004/5/11
投稿者 Carl Snodgrass - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
Richard Poe's book is a must read for every American. To think it can't happen in America (totalitarianism) is to turn a blind eye to reality. It can happen and it was. It was the courage of Freepers from Florida and seven Supreme Court justices as well as the alternative media of which Poe is a part that saved the nation. But as Poe points out the battle is not over. Read this book, pass on your copy or buy several for your friends.
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Hilary's secret war, quite a great read. 2004/9/16
投稿者 GreatWriterChrisJames - (Amazon.com)
形式: ハードカバー
Hilary Clinton's "Secret War" by Richard Poe is a very interesting and revealing book about the all the evil doings by Miss Hilary Rodham Clinton during her time before and after the presidency. This is quite a revealing and sordid history about Hilary, which supporters will quickly denounce, however, the author explains and shows detail after incriminating details showing that his accusations are anything but a false lie.

He mentions Hilary Clinton's secret police to keep people from speaking about her trouble past and Bill Clinton.

The author exposes in detail Hilary's attempts to thwart the growing threat the internet and liberal writers pose in exposing Hilary's action. He calls it : THE CLINTON CONSIPRACY TO MUZZLE INTERNET JOURNALISTS.

The book also does mention of the new liberal internet sites such as MattGrudge.com and other sites now speaking out as not just a news outlet but against corruption

The New York City fund raiser in October 2001 where Hilary Clinton was booed. What made this September 11 post aftermath so unbelievable was that Hilary was booed by the firefighters and cops of New York City. Clearly Hilary's squeaky clean image and clean cut haircut do not cover up the fact that Hilary
Clinton has a dirty history and her attempts to hide that have failed.

"The New Underground focuses precisely on the distubring thoughts that Tom Brokaw prefers not to discuss " is the candid and true statement delivered by this great author
Richard Poe.

He also discussed the rarely talked about Filegate and Travelgate scandals with Hilary. Of course Watergater (in the Nixon era) was one scandal everyone talked about, the media
couldnt censor this because a couple of top notched journalists broke the story, however tijmes have changed since then, the public is now aware that the Media and All news
channel often censor if not delete the real truth and scandals like this from public view.

Poe writes in great detail with much passion as to all the lies and scandal this hypocritical woman and her husband Bill Clinton have done.

The mistreatment her Democrat delegates gave to Albany police Honor guard at New York Democratic Convention after Hilary was just nominate for the US senate. No as the author states her disrespect for policemen and policewomen , secret service agents all go back about twenty years to Hilary's disgraceful paper depicting police officers as pigs.

The selling out of Viacom's service for Hilary while bashing and ignoring other parties like George Bush in 2000 by refusing to give him a bash. As Poe says Hilary has a secret connection with corporations such as these getting special favors.

Now you may where's the proof of this? Enter Christmas Day 2001 as VH1/VIACOM reaired portions of the Democratic convention in NEW York, however instead of viewers hearing the boos from the audience, the audio had been doctored and changed, Hilary now received applause and cheers.

The Media despite what liar Tom Brokaw says doing his job right, didn't do things right, once again they doctored a false truth for the American people to swallow

On pg 11 CYBERCASCADE , Poe mentions how this doctored tape of Hilary receveing cheers was backed up by the lying media like TimeWarner, FoxNews and Boston Herald, however Poe and his friends at Freerepublic.com, USENET message boards and the increasing freedom and power of Internet knew better.

Eventually as Poe says, John Stossel, the great reporter for ABCNEWS broke the story that VH1 fake the footage and audio of Hilary Clinton getting booed, the media lied to Americans and sold out to Clinton and Democrats.

Poe then mentions the Media's attempts and Hilary's attempts to fabricate what happened between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky as fake.

Poe then mentions Hilary's disgusting connectoin with Anthony Pellicano, a crooked and violent Private Investigator. The FBI even raided this guy's house in 2002, and arrested this corrupt private investigator who attacked, and set up illegal activities such as wiretappings against Hilary's enemies.

On pg Thirty two Poe discusses THE LJ DAVIS AFFAIR:

"When covering Clinton scandals, even prominent journalists must worry about their physical safety." LJ DAVIS an editor for Harper's magazine who went to Little Rock Arkansas to look into whitewater he then wrote "The Name of the Rose, but was then intimidated, by Clinton's groups": The story was Clinton's connection to Rose Law group and their ties to the mafia, drug dealers and Savings and Loan's lowlifes, and Bank of Credit and Commerce.

He then was told by someone in Washington to not pursue the story, on St. Valentine's day at Legacy Hotel he was attacked and his prints for the story and commentary were stolen.
The author then tells all about the White House War Room run by Hilary Clinton and the lies and corruption going on there. Barbara Olson's testimony, before she died while she was federal prosecutor who detailed Hilary's offenses in "Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hilary Rodham Clinton"

"Hilary is not merely and aider and abettor the secret police operation. She has been its prime instigator and organizer. IN the political life of the Clintons, it was she who pioneered the use of private detectives."

Other people like Clinton's former lovers like Sally Miller Predue recall being intimidated and had her life threatened when she threatened to go public with her affairs about Bill.

The names she mentions Terry Lenzner, founder and chairman of IGI, Jack Palladin disgraced private eye, and of course that deadbeat Anthony Pellicano, Harold Ickees, Sidney Blumenthal.

As you can tell this is an amazing book full of damaging evidence about Hilary Clinton, most of which I bet Hilary regrets.

The relevance of this book is important to as Hilary wants to be the first woman of the United States to be President, after reading this book youll will undoubtedly agree why that should not happen.

If your a Democrat or Republican or a Ralph Nader fan this book will no doubt upon your eyes to a Hilary
Clinton now one has seen before.
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