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Hasse: Cleofide Import, Box set

5つ星のうち 5 1 件のカスタマーレビュー

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  • 演奏: Emma Kirkby, Derek Lee Ragin, Agnes Mellon, Dominique Visse, Randall K. Wong
  • オーケストラ: Cappella Coloniensis
  • 指揮: William Christie
  • 作曲: Johann Adolf Hasse
  • CD (1995/1/19)
  • ディスク枚数: 4
  • フォーマット: Import, Box set
  • レーベル: Capriccio
  • ASIN: B000001WLE
  • EAN: 0018111019323
  • おすすめ度: 5つ星のうち 5.0 1 件のカスタマーレビュー
  • Amazon 売れ筋ランキング: 音楽 - 826,551位 (音楽の売れ筋ランキングを見る)
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  1. Act 1, No.1. Ov
  2. Act 1, No.2. Rec: Fermatevi, Codardi
  3. Act 1, No.3. Aria: Che Sorte Crudele
  4. Act 1, No.4. Fuggi, Mio Re
  5. Act 1, No.5. Aria. Vedrai Con Tuo Periglio
  6. Act 1, No.6. Rec: Questa Che Ad Alessandro
  7. Act 1, No.7. Aria: Vil Trofeo D'un Alma Imbelle
  8. Act 1, No. 8. Rec: O Rimprovero Acerbo
  9. Act 1, No.9. Aria: Chi Vive Amante Sai
  10. Act 1, No.10. Rec: Ma Qual Sorte E La Mia
  11. Act 1, No.11. Aria: S'appresti Omai La Vittima
  12. Act 1, No.12. Rec: Reina A Te Io Vengo
  13. Act 1, No.13. Aria: Se Mai Piu Saro Geloso
  14. Act 1, No.14. Rec: Erissena! Che Veggo!
  15. Act 1, No.15. Aria: Se Mai Turbo Il Tuo Riposo


  1. Act 1, No.16. Rec: Erissena Che Dici?
  2. Act 1, No.17. Rec: Dove Mio Re?
  3. Act 1, No.18. Aria: Se Possono Tanto Due Luci Vezzose
  4. Act 1, No.19. Rec: Principessa Adorata
  5. Act 1, No.20. Aria: Vuoi Saper Se Tu Mi Piaci?
  6. Act 1, No.21. Rec: Perche Senz'opra
  7. Act 1, No.22. Aria: Voi Che Adorate Il Vanto
  8. Act 1, No.23. Rec: A La Tua Fede, Amico
  9. Act 1, No.24. Marcia Degl'Indiani
  10. Act 1, No.25. Rec: Generoso Alessandro
  11. Act 1, No.26. Rec: Monarca, Il Duce Asbite
  12. Act 1, No.27. Aria: Se Amore A Questo Petto
  13. Act 1, No.28. Rec: Lode A Gli Dei
  14. Act 1, No.29. Duetto: Se Mai Piu Saro Geloso
  15. Act 2, No.30. Rec: Lode A Gli Dei
  16. Act 2, No.31. Aria: Appena Amor Sen Nasce
  17. Act 2, No.32. Rec: Germano, Anch'io Vorrei
  18. Act 2, No.33. Aria: Generoso Risuegliatti, O Core
  19. Act 2, No.34. Sinf Di Stromenti Militari
  20. Act 2, No.35. Rec: Signor, L'India Festiva
  21. Act 2, No.36. Duetto. Sommi Dei, Se Giusti Siete
  22. Act 2, No.37. Rec: Ah! Mio Ben, Giunge
  23. Act 2, No.38. Aria: Se Trova Perdono


  1. Act 2, No.39. Rec: Macedoni, Alla Reggia
  2. Act 2, No.40. Aria: Digli Che Io Son Fedele
  3. Act 2, No.41. Rec: Tenerezze Ingegnose!
  4. Act 2, No.42. Aria: E Ver Che A L'amo Intorno
  5. Act 2, No.43. Rec: Per Salvarti, O Regina
  6. Act 2, No.44. Aria: Se' Ver Che T'accendi
  7. Act 2, No.45. Rec: Qual Fausto Nume
  8. Act 2, No.46. Aria. Spera Si Che Amor Pietoso
  9. Act 2, No.47. Rec: Poro Mio Dolce Amor
  10. Act 2, No.48. Aria: Se Costa Tante Pene Amor A La Belta
  11. Act 2, No.49. Acc: Qual Tempesta D'affetti
  12. Act 2, No.50. Aria: Son Qual Misera Colomba
  13. Act 3, No.51. Rec: Dunque Vive Il Germano?
  14. Act 3, No.52. Aria: Pupillette Vezzosette
  15. Act 3, No.53. Rec: Un Si Fatal Impegno
  16. Act 3, No.54. Aria: Se Troppo Crede Al Ciglio


  1. Act 3, No.55. Rec: Chi Non Avria Creduto
  2. Act 3, No.56. Aria: Non E Si Vago Quel Gelsomino
  3. Act 3, No.57. Rec: Per Qual Via Non Pensata
  4. Act 3, No.58. Aria: Cervo Al Bosco
  5. Act 3, No.59. Rec: O Perdono!
  6. Act 3, No.62. Aria: Quanto Mai Felici Siete
  7. Act 3, No.61. Rec: Ecco Spezzato
  8. Act 3, No.62. Aria: Dov'e? Si Affretti
  9. Act 3, No.63. Rec: Su L'orme Del Germano
  10. Act 3, No.64. Rec: Secondate, O Gran Numi
  11. Act 3, No.65. Aria: Perder L'amato Bene
  12. Act 3, No.66. Chor: Da Gli Astri Discendi
  13. Act 3, No.67. Rec: Ne L'odorata Pira
  14. Act 3, No.68. Rec: Signor Qui Prigioniero E Il Re Nemico
  15. Act 3, No.69. Chor: Al Nostro Consolo



While Handel went to England to become the most successful opera composer of his time, Hasse went to Dresden to become the most famous opera composer in Germany. Cleofide, like Handel's Poros, is based on Metastasio's libretto about Alexander the Great's magnanimity, but focuses more on the Indian queen Cleofide and her fidelity to her lover Poros, despite his jealousy. The cast in this recording includes one male and two female sopranos plus three countertenors; and the unfortunate result of all those high voices is that it is hard to tell the characters apart. The men (apart from the incisive Dominique Visse as Alexander) do a fair amount of falsetto hooting at uncertain pitches; the women are much better, and the ubiquitous Emma Kirkby (as Cleofide) brings more color into her voice than usual. Under William Christie's knowledgeable direction, everything moves along briskly and the orchestra plays brightly. Hasse didn't have Handel's gift for melody and characterization, but Cleofide is well written and imaginatively orchestrated and contains many good tunes. It will be of particular interest to Baroque opera enthusiasts; for others, it is an interesting and attractive curiosity. Good notes and excellent sound. --Alex Morin


5つ星のうち 5.0


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