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Handel: Acis and Galatea, Look down, harmonious saint CD, Import

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  • 演奏: Claron McFadden, John Mark Ainsley, Rogers Covey-Crump, Michael George
  • オーケストラ: The King's Consort
  • 指揮: Robert King
  • 作曲: George Frideric Handel
  • CD (1993/11/16)
  • ディスク枚数: 2
  • フォーマット: CD, Import
  • レーベル: Hyperion
  • ASIN: B000002ZMA
  • EAN: 0034571163611
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  1. Acis And Galatea: Sinfonia
  2. Acis And Galatea: Chorus
  3. Acis And Galatea: Accompagnato
  4. Acis And Galatea: Air
  5. Acis And Galatea: Air
  6. Acis And Galatea: Recitative
  7. Acis And Galatea: Air Damon
  8. Acis And Galatea: Recitative Acis
  9. Acis And Galatea: Air Acis
  10. Acis And Galatea: OhRecitative Galatea
  11. Acis And Galatea: Air Galatea
  12. Look Down, Harmonious Saint: Duet Galatea


  1. Acis And Galatea: Chorus
  2. Acis And Galatea: Accompagnato
  3. Acis And Galatea: Air
  4. Acis And Galatea: Recitative
  5. Acis And Galatea: Air
  6. Acis And Galatea: Air
  7. Acis And Galatea: Recitative
  8. Acis And Galatea: Air
  9. Acis And Galatea: Air
  10. Acis And Galatea: Recitative
  11. Acis And Galatea: Trio
  12. Acis And Galatea: Accompagnato
  13. Acis And Galatea: Chorus
  14. Acis And Galatea: Chorus
  15. Acis And Galatea: Recitative
  16. Acis And Galatea: Air
  17. Acis And Galatea: Chorus
  18. Acis And Galatea: Look down, harmonious saint



Acis & Galatée, Ode à Ste Cécile / McFadden - Ainsley - George - The King's Consort, dir. Robert King


Though many know it only in a later arrangement for soloists and choruses, Handel wrote this masque for five singers with a small orchestra. Despite the ending (the giant Polyphemus crushes Acis with a rock), the music suggests springtime and young love. There's humor, too: Polyphemus--so big, so dumb, so pleased with himself-- is a comic baritone's dream. George doesn't capture all of the role's humor, but he is vocally well-cast. McFadden sometimes pushes her voice into a wobble, but her Galatea is appealing and sweetly sung. Best are Covey-Crump's graceful Damon (the voice of reason) and Ainsley's youthful, high-spirited Acis. (Ainsley also sings the slight but attractive "Look down.") The ensemble numbers are delightful, and Robert King brings the entire thing off splendidly. --Matthew Westphal