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Globalization and Environmental Reform: The Ecological Modernization of the Global Economy (英語) ペーパーバック – 2003/8/11

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Many writers either glorify globalization or vilify it, particularly for its destructive environmental effects. In this book environmental sociologist Arthur Mol provides a more balanced understanding of the relationship between globalization and environmental quality. Mol bases his arguments on his theory of ecological modernization, which holds that although processes of modernization and globalization often result in environmental degradation, they also can encourage policies and programs designed to arrest degradation and improve environmental quality.Building on earlier ecological modernization studies that focused on Europe, North America, and East and Southeast Asia, Mol takes here a more global perspective. He also addresses the increasing roles of nonstate actors, especially international institutions, nongovernmental organizations, popular movements, and transnational corporations.After examining the confusion created by the failure to distinguish among globalization, global capitalism, and neoliberalism, Mol analyzes both globalization's destructive environmental consequences and its contribution to global environmental reform. Elaborating on the subject of reform, he focuses on three case studies, one involving the economic triad of the European Union, the NAFTA region, and Japan; one involving the relationship between the triad and developing countries; and one involving three developing countries: Vietnam, the Netherlands Antilles, and Kenya.


"Globalization and Environmental Reform introduces Anglophone readers to a lively and voluminous literature in Dutch, German, and French. Mol takes on and effectively counters many popular opinions on the effects of globalization on efforts to protect and enhance the environment." Harold K. Jacobson, Jesse Siddal Reeves Professor of Political Science, Senior Research Scientist, and Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Michigan

"This book provides a stimulating analysis of ecological modernization in the context of globalization. Globalization and Environmental Reform is the most important introduction to modern environmental policy yet published."--Martin Jaenicke, Head of the Environmental Policy Research Unit (FFU), Department of Political and Social Sciences, Free University of Berlin, Germany, and Member of the German Council of Environmental Advisors

"A must if one wants a balanced, sociologically based understanding of current modes of globalization and their environmental repercussions (positive and negative) and how these modes inform and move social groups, academics, and decision makers. An inspiring point of departure if one wants to grasp the potential of ecological modernization."--Hans Opschoor, Professor of Environmental Economics and Development, Institute of Social Studies (The Hague) and Free University (Amsterdam)


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