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PHP Functions Essential Reference

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PHP Functions Essential Reference [ペーパーバック]

Torben Greant, Zak Merrall, Graeme Michlitsch, Brett Wilson

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Purposes and Organization of This Book. PHP Version Information. Structure of the Book. This Book's Web Site. Conventions.

1. Apache-Specific Functions.

apache_lookup_uri. apache_note. ascii2ebcdic. ebcdic2ascii. Getallheaders. Virtual.

2. Arbitrary-Precision Mathematics (BC) Functions.

bcad. Bccomp. Bcdiv. Bcmod. bcmul. bcpow. bcscale. bcsqrt. Bcsub.

3. Array-Related Functions.

Overview. Array SpecificS. Array. array_count_values. array_flip. array_intersect. array_keys. array_merge. array_merge_recursive. array_multisort. array_pad. array_pop. array_push. array_rand. array_reverse. array_shift. array_slice. array_splice. array_sum. array_unique. array_unshift. array_values. array_walk. arsort. asort. compact. count. current. each. end. extract. in_array. key. krsort. ksort. list. natcasesort. natsort. next. pos. prev. range. reset. rsort. shuffle. sizeof. sort. uasort. uksort. Usort.

4. Calendar Functions.

easter_date. easter_days. frenchtojd. gregoriantojd. jddayofweek. jdmonthname. jdtofrench. jdtogregorian. jdtojewish. jdtojulian. jdtounix. jewishtojd. juliantojd. Unixtojd.

5. CCVS Functions.

CCVS Error Strings. CCVS Status Strings. ccvs_add. ccvs_auth. ccvs_command. ccvs_count. ccvs_delete. ccvs_done. ccvs_init. ccvs_lookup. ccvs_new. ccvs_report. ccvs_return. ccvs_reverse. ccvs_sale. ccvs_status. ccvs_textvalue. ccvs_void.

6. Class and Object Functions.

call_user_method. class_exists. get_class. get_class_methods. get_class_vars. get_declared_classes. get_object_vars. get_parent_class. is_subclass_of. method_exists.

7. COM Functions.

com_get. com_invoke. com_load. com_propget. com_propput. com_propset. com_set. new COM.

8. Connection-Handling Functions.

Overview. Connection-Handling Constants. php.ini Directives Related to the Connection-Handling Functions. Installing Connection-Handling Support. connection_aborted. connection_status. connection_timeout. ignore_user_abort.

9. cURL Library Function.

curl_close. curl_errno. curl_error. curl_exec. curl_getinfo. curl_init. curl_setopt. curl_version.

10. Date and Time Functions.

checkdate. date. getdate. gettimeofday. gmdate. gmmktime. gmstrftime. localtime. microtime. mktime. strftime. strtotime. Time.

11. Directory Functions.

chdir. closedir. dir. getcwd. opendir. readdir. Rewinddir.

12. Error-Handling Functions.

Good Error-Handling Practices. error_log. error_reporting. restore_error_handler. set_error_handler. trigger_error. user_error.

13. Filesystem Functions.

Overview. Configuring the Filesystem Functions. Installing Filesystem Support. Additional Information. chgrp. chmod. chown. clearstatcache. copy. diskfreespace. fclose. feof. fgetc. fgetcsv. fgets. fgetss. file. fileatime. filectime. filegroup. fileinode. filemtime. fileowner. fileperms. filesize. filetype. file_exists. flock. fopen. fpassthru. fputs. fread. fseek. ftell. fwrite. getlastmod. getmyinode. is_dir. is_executable. is_file. is_link. is_readable. is_writeable. link. linkinfo. lstat. mkdir. pclose. popen. readfile. readlink. rename. rewind. rmdir. set_file_buffer. stat. symlink. tempnam. touch. umask. uniqid. Unlink.

14. Function-Handling Functions.

call_user_func_array. call_user_func. create_function. func_get_arg. func_get_args. func_num_args. function_exists. get_defined_functions. register_shutdown_function.

15. HTTP-Related Functions.

header. headers_sent. Setcookie.

16. Java Functions.

New Java. java_last_exception_get. java_last_exception_clear.

17. LDAP Functions.

Overview. ldap_8859_to_t61. ldap_add. ldap_bind. ldap_close. ldap_connect. ldap_compare. ldap_count_entries. ldap_delete. ldap_dn2ufn. ldap_err2str. ldap_errno. ldap_error. ldap_explode_dn. ldap_first_attribute. ldap_first_entry. ldap_free_entry. ldap_free_result. ldap_get_attributes. ldap_get_dn. ldap_get_entries. ldap_get_values. ldap_get_values_len. ldap_list. ldap_modify. ldap_mod_add. ldap_mod_del. ldap_mod_replace. ldap_next_attribute. ldap_next_entry. ldap_read. ldap_t61_to_8859. ldap_search. ldap_unbind.

18. Mail Functions.

ezmlm_hash. Mail.

19. Mathematical Functions.

Overview. Named Constants. abs. acos. asin. atan. atan2. base_convert. bindec. ceil. cos. decbin. dechex. decoct. deg2rad. exp. floor. getrandmax. hexdec. log. log10. max. min. mt_getrandmax. mt_rand. mt_srand. number_format. octdec. pi. pow. rad2deg. rand. round. sin. sqrt. srand. Tan.

20. mhash Functions.

mhash. mhash_count. mhash_get_block_size. mhash_get_hash_name. mhash_keygen_s2k.

21. Miscellaneous Functions.

Overview. Configuring the Miscellaneous Functions. Installing Miscellaneous Function Support. define. defined. die. eval. exit. get_browser. highlight_file. highlight_string. iptcparse. leak. show_source. sleep. Usleep.

22. MySQL Functions.

Overview. How the MySQL Functions Work. Notes on the Examples. Configuring MySQL. Installing MySQL Support. Additional Information. mysql. mysql_affected_rows. mysql_change_user. mysql_close. mysql_connect. mysql_create_db. mysql_createdb. mysql_data_seek. mysql_db_name. mysql_db_query. mysql_dbname. mysql_drop_db. mysql_dropdb. mysql_errno. mysql_error. mysql_escape_string. mysql_fetch_array. mysql_fetch_assoc. mysql_fetch_field. mysql_fetch_lengths. mysql_fetch_object. mysql_fetch_row. mysql_field_flags. mysql_field_len. mysql_field_name. mysql_field_seek. mysql_field_table. mysql_field_type. mysql_fieldname. mysql_fieldtable. mysql_fieldlen. mysql_fieldtype. mysql_fieldflags. mysql_free_result. mysql_freeresult. mysql_insert_id. mysql_list_dbs. mysql_list_fields. mysql_list_tables. mysql_listdbs. mysql_listfields. mysql_listtables. mysql_num_fields. mysql_num_rows. mysql_numfields. mysql_numrows. mysql_pconnect. mysql_query. mysql_result. mysql_select_db. mysql_selectdb. mysql_tablename.

23. Networking Functions.

checkdnsrr. debugger_off. debugger_on. fsockopen. gethostbyaddr. gethostbyname. gethostbynamel. getmxrr. getprotobyname. getprotobynumber. getservbyname. getservbyport. ip2long. long2ip. pfsockopen. socket_get_status. socket_set_blocking. socket_set_timeout.

24. ODBC Functions.

odbc_autocommit. odbc_binmode. odbc_close. odbc_close_all. odbc_columnprivileges. odbc_columns. odbc_commit. odbc_connect. odbc_cursor. odbc_do. odbc_error. odbc_errormsg. odbc_exec. odbc_execute. odbc_fetch_array. odbc_fetch_into. odbc_fetch_object. odbc_fetch_row. odbc_field_len. odbc_field_name. odbc_field_num. odbc_field_precision. odbc_field_scale. odbc_field_type. odbc_foreignkeys. odbc_free_result. odbc_gettypeinfo. odbc_longreadlen. odbc_num_fields. odbc_num_rows. odbc_pconnect. odbc_prepare. odbc_primarykeys. odbc_procedurecolumns. odbc_procedures. odbc_result. odbc_result_all. odbc_rollback. odbc_setoption. odbc_specialcolumns. odbc_statistics. odbc_tableprivileges. odbc_tables.

25. Pack and Unpack Functions.

Pack. Unpack.

26. PHP Options and Information Functions.

Assert. assert_options. dl. extension_loaded. getenv. get_cfg_var. get_current_user. get_extension_funcs. get_included_files. get_loaded_extensions. get_magic_quotes_gpc. get_magic_quotes_runtime. get_required_files. getlastmod. getmyinode. getmypid. getmyuid. getrusage. ini_alter. ini_get. ini_restore. ini_set. parse_ini_file. phpcredits. phpinfo. phpversion. php_logo_guid. php_sapi_name. php_uname. putenv. set_magic_quotes_runtime. set_time_limit. zend_logo_guid. zend_version.

27. Program Execution Functions.

Overview. How the Program Execution Functions Work. escapeshellarg. escapeshellcmd. exec. passthru. System.

28. Pspell Functions.

pspell_add_to_personal. pspell_add_to_session. pspell_check. pspell_clear_session. pspell_config_create. pspell_config_ignore. pspell_config_mode. pspell_config_personal. pspell_config_repl. pspell_config_runtogether. pspell_config_save_repl. pspell_new. pspell_new_config. pspell_new_personal. pspell_save_wordlist. pspell_store_replacement. pspell_suggest.

29. Regular Expression Functions.

POSIX Extended Regular Expression Functions. ereg. eregi. ereg_replace. eregi_replace. split. spliti. Perl-Compatible Regular Expression Functions. Pattern Modifiers. preg_grep. preg_match. preg_match_all. preg_quote. preg_replace. preg_split.

30. Semaphore and Shared Memory Functions.

Overview. sem_acquire. sem_get. sem_release. shm_attach. shm_detach. shm_get_var. shm_put_var. shm_remove. shm_remove_var. shmop_close. shmop_delete. shmop_open. shmop_read. shmop_size. shmop_write.

31. Session-Management Functions.

session_cache_limiter. session_decode. session_destroy. session_encode. session_get_cookie_params. session_id. session_is_registered. session_module_name. session_name. session_register. session_save_path. session_set_cookie_params. session_set_save_handler. session_start. session_unregister. session_unset.

32. String Functions.

Overview. Using the String Functions. Configuring the String Functions. Installing String Function Support. addcslashes. addslashes. bin2hex. chop. chr. chunk_split. convert_cyr_string. count_chars. crc32. crypt. echo. explode. get_meta_tags. hebrev. hebrevc. implode. join. levenshtein. ltrim. md5. metaphone. nl2br. ord. parse_str. print. printf. quoted_printable_decode. quotemeta. rtrim. sscanf. setlocale. similar_text. soundex. sprintf. strchr. strcspn. strip_tags. stripcslashes. stripslashes. stristr. strnatcmp. strnatcasecmp. str_pad. strpos. strrchr. str_repeat. strrev. strrpos. strspn. strstr. strtok. strtolower. strtoupper. str_replace. strtr. substr. substr_count. substr_replace. trim. ucfirst. ucwords. Wordwrap.

33. Syslog Functions.

closelog. define_syslog_variables. openlog. Syslog.

34. Tick Functions.

Overview. How Ticks Work. Tick Functions. register_tick_function. unregister_tick_function.

35. URL Functions.

base64_decode. base64_encode. parse_url. rawurldecode. rawurlencode. urldecode. Urlencode.

36. Variable-Related Functions.

Overview. Configuring Variable-Related Functions. Installing Variable-Related Functions Support. Additional Information. doubleval. empty. get_defined_vars. get_resource_type. gettype. intval. is_array. is_bool. is_double. is_float. is_int. is_integer. is_long. is_null. is_numeric. is_object. is_real. is_resource. is_scalar. is_string. isset. print_r. serialize. settype. strval. unserialize. unset. var_dump.

37. WDDX Functions.

wddx_add_vars. wddx_deserialize. wddx_packet_end. wddx_packet_start. wddx_serialize_value. wddx_serialize_vars. wddx_unserialize.

38. XML Functions.

Overview. xml_error_string. xml_get_current_byte_index. xml_get_current_column_number. xml_get_current_line_number. xml_get_error_code. xml_parse. xml_parser_create. xml_parser_free. xml_parser_get_option. xml_parser_set_option. xml_parse_into_struct. xml_set_character_data_handler. xml_set_default_handler. xml_set_element_handler. xml_set_external_entity_ref_handler. xml_set_notation_decl_handler. xml_set_processing_instruction_handler. xml_set_unparsed_entity_decl_handler. xml_set_object.


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