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Fires in an Autumn Garden: Short Stories from Urdu and the Regional Languages of Pakistan (Jubilee Series)

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Fires in an Autumn Garden: Short Stories from Urdu and the Regional Languages of Pakistan (Jubilee Series) [ハードカバー]

Asif Farrukhi


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Publisher's Note
Introduction: My Country's Stories Asif Farrukhi
1. The New Prophets Ali Baba
2. A Dream with an Old Man Ahmed Salim
3. In Camera Proceeding Umrao Tariq
4. The Empty Frame Khalil Bawar
5. The Lion's Mouth Altaf Fatima
6. Toba Tek Singh
Sa'adat Hassan Manto
7. Fancy Haircutting Saloon Ghulam Abbas
8. The Tale of a Tulsi Tree Syed Waliullah
9. Countrywoman Ahmed Nadeem Qasimi
10. Pirani Jamal Abro
11. Pieces of Flesh
Farkhanda Lodhi
12. Stormy Wind
Dur Mohammed Kassi
13. The Cart Khalida Hussain
14. Conspirators Enver Sajjad
15. Versions of Truth
Masood Ashar
16. To Be or Not To Be Zaheda Hina
17. The Tunnel Noorul Huda Shah
18. The Retrievers Afzal Ahsan Randhawa
19. Turning Deserts into Rivers Ahsan Wagha
20. The Poison of the Blue Rose
Yasmin Marri
21. Of Flesh and the Earth
Mohammed Mansha Yad
22. Thirty-fourth Gate Nasim Kharal
23. A Revelation in the House of the Dead
Asad Mohammed Khan
24. The Heir to a Severed Arm Amar Jaleel
25. The Dead Traveller
Mirza Hamid Baig
26. The Open Sewer
Chaudhry Shaukat Ali
27. Decoy
Mirza Athar Baig
28. In the Dark Woods
Intizar Hussain
29. Waiting for the Invaders on a Shaking Balcony
30. Inferno Zamiruddin Ahmad
31. The Ashes
Mohammed Salim-ur-Rahman
32. Requiem for the Earth
Hasan Manzar
33. Allergy Asif Farrukhi
34. Painting on Glass Aamer Hussein
Notes and Glossary
Notes on Translators

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