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Etudes Op. 10/25 Import

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  • CD (2002/9/17)
  • ディスク枚数: 1
  • フォーマット: Import
  • レーベル: Sony
  • ASIN: B00006JKG8
  • EAN: 0074646188521
  • 他のエディション: CD
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  1. Etude No.1 In C Major
  2. Etude No.2 In A Minor
  3. Etude No.3 In E Major
  4. Etude No.4 In C-Sharp Minor
  5. Etude No.5 In G-Flat Major 'Black Keys'
  6. Etude No.6 In E-Flat Minor
  7. Etude No.7 In C Major
  8. Etude No.8 In F Major
  9. Etude No.9 In F Minor
  10. Etude No.10 In A-Flat Major
  11. Etude No.11 In E-Flat Major
  12. Etude No.12 In C Minor 'Revolutionary'
  13. Etude No.1 In A-Flat Major
  14. Etude No.2 In F Minor
  15. Etude No.3 In F Major
  16. Etude No.4 In A Minor
  17. Etude No.5 In E Minor
  18. Etude No.6 In G-Sharp Minor 'Thirds'
  19. Etude No.7 In C-Sharp Minor
  20. Etude No.8 In D-Flat Major 'Sixths'
  21. Etude No.9 In G-Flat Major
  22. Etude No.10 In B Minor 'Octaves'
  23. Etude No.11 In A Minor
  24. Etude No.12 In C Minor



Through channeling his intelligent virtuosity toward musical ends, Murray Perahia reveals the distinctive voice of each Chopin Étude, rather than imposing a "one style fits all" aesthetic upon the music. His easy mastery of the right-hand double-note challenges of Op. 10 No. 7 and Op. 25 Nos. 6 & 8 and the taxing rotary patterns of the famous "Black Key" and "Winter Wind" études enable him to clarify their significant left-hand component. Note, too, the "Octave" étude's long-lined ebb and flow, or a sharper, more aggressive C-sharp Minor, Op. 10 No. 4, than the one Perahia recorded in the early 1990s. But his unusually brisk take on the E-flat minor (Op. 10 No. 6) trivializes the music's aching harmonic tension, and the two C Minor Études (including the "Revolutionary") are a shade inhibited compared with the unbridled bravura of the versions by György Cziffra (Philips) and Juana Zayas (Music & Arts). These quibbles, however, should not prevent piano lovers from experiencing Perahia's well-considered and superbly engineered interpretations of the oft-recorded masterpieces. --Jed Distler