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  • 作曲: Wolfgang Rihm
  • CD (2001/5/15)
  • ディスク枚数: 2
  • フォーマット: Import
  • レーベル: Swrmusic
  • ASIN: B00005MLLQ
  • EAN: 0040888839729
  • おすすめ度: 5つ星のうち 5.0 1 件のカスタマーレビュー
  • Amazon 売れ筋ランキング: 音楽 - 1,167,384位 (音楽の売れ筋ランキングを見る)
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  1. Das Ist Mein Leib
  2. Potum Meum
  3. Movt Instrumental
  4. Und Er Ging Hinaus
  5. Domine, Audivi Auditum Tuum
  6. Siehe, Da Kam Die Schar
  7. Eripe Me, Domine
  8. Sie Griffen Ihn Aber
  9. Die Manner Aber, Die Jesum Hielten/Weissage, Wer Ist's
  10. Qui Cogitaverunt Malitias In Corde
  11. Und Als Es Tag Ward
  12. Und Sie Fuhrten Ihn Vor Pilatus
  13. Da Aber Herodes Jesum Sah
  14. Pilatus Aber Sprach
  15. Popule Meus
  16. Und Als Sie Ihn Hinfuhrten/Ihr Tochter Von Jerusalem/Es Wurden Aber Auch Hingefuhrt
  17. Und Als Sie Kamen An Die Statte
  18. Crux Fidelis
  19. Er Hat Anderen Geholfen
  20. Hic Acetum, Fel, Arundo
  21. Es War Aber Auch Uber Ihm Geschrieben/Und Es Ward Eine Finsternis
  22. Und Jesus Rief Laut/Vater, Ich Befehle Meinen Geist/Und...Verschied
  23. Flecte Ramos, Arbor Alta
  24. Stabat Mater Dolorosa
  25. Und Alles Volk, Das Dabei War/Furwahr, Er Trug Unsre Krankheit
  26. Joseph Von Arimathia Ging Zu Pilatus/Aber Am Ersten Tage Der Woche
  27. Tenebrae



Last fall, a series of modern masterworks were premiered as the capstone of the yearlong commemoration of the death of Johann Sebastian Bach. Four settings of the Good Friday narrative were commission by four of the world’s leading composers: Sofia Gubaidulina, Tan Dun, Osvaldo Golijov and Wolfgang Rihm.

First to be released by the international award winning Hänssler Classic label is Wolfgang Rihm’s transcendent requiem of Reconciliation, DEUS PASSUS.

For those familiar with Rihm’s earlier work, DEUS PASSUS constitutes a new direction in his stylistic development. Absent are the violent juxtapositions and bold gestures of Rihm’s earlier work. In their place, a delicate, carefully chosen almost “impressionistic” palette has been selected. This “impressionistic” approach applies equally to the texts that Rihm selected to set. Consciously selecting St. Luke’s account of Jesus’ death, specifically for it’s lack of anti-Semitic content, Rihm deleted all non dialogue material and supplemented his “Passion fragment” with selections from the Catholic lectionary, the Stabat Mater and poetic interpolations, concluding with a moving setting of Paul Celan’s “inverted prayer”, TENEBRAE.

Grammy Award winning conductor, Helmuth Rilling delivers one of the finest performances of his career, directing the Gachinger Kantorei, the Bach-Collegium Stuttgart and stellar soloists Juliane Banse, Iris Vermillion, Cornelia Kallisch, Christoph Prégardien and Andreas Schmidt in a score that rightfully takes it’s place with the 20th century’s “other” great St. Luke Passion, the Penderecki “Passio et more domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Lucam”.


Wolfgang Rihm, one of Germany's leading composers, here plants himself in Bach's footsteps with a version of the St. Luke Passion. Rihm emphasizes spirituality in this calm unfolding of the drama. Five vocal soloists take the parts traditionally assigned to the Evangelist and Jesus; their lines are often broken into phrases taken by each singer. While alluding to his eminent predecessor, Rihm's music is thoroughly contemporary, though nowhere approaching iconoclastic avant-garde. He intersperses the Gospel text with liturgical hymns, a passage from Isaiah and a Stabat Mater, and closes the work with a setting of Paul Celan's poem Tenebrae.

Overall, the work impresses with its seriousness, its refusal to sensationalize or strive for effect, and its largely successful effort to adapt a traditional form to our times. This recording was made at the concert premiere, and Helmut Rilling, who commissioned the work, leads an intense performance that sustains interest throughout its hour and a half. Orchestra and chorus are fine, the soloists outstanding. -- Dan Davis


5つ星のうち 5.0


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Wolfgang Rihm
Deus Passus
Passions - Stucke nach Lukas
Juliane Banse
Iris Vermillion
Cornelia Kallisch
Christoph Pregardien
Andreas Schmidt
G'chinger Kantorei
Bach - Collegium Stuttgart
Helmuth Rilling
2000 年ライヴ録音

この作品は、グバイドゥーリナの「ヨハネ受難曲」Gubaidulina: St John Passionと同じく、西暦 2000 年のバッハ没後 250 年を記念して、シュトゥットガルト国際バッハ・アカデミーの委嘱によって書かれた作品である。しかし、この作品は、バッハから遠い作品だと思う。すなわち作曲者の独自性が強い作品だと思う。音楽的には、ベルクを思わせる。ところどころ、ワーグナーを思わせるところもある。
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