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Computational Dynamics (英語) ハードカバー – 2001/2/26

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Computational Dynamics, 3rd Edition
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A practical approach to the computational methods used to solve real–world dynamics problems

Computational dynamics has grown rapidly in recent years with the advent of high–speed digital computers and the need to develop simulation and analysis computational capabilities for mechanical and aerospace systems that consist of interconnected bodies.

Computational Dynamics, Second Edition offers a full introduction to the concepts, definitions, and techniques used in multibody dynamics and presents essential topics concerning kinematics and dynamics of motion in two and three dimensions.

Skillfully organized into eight chapters that mirror the standard learning sequence of computational dynamics courses, this Second Edition begins with a discussion of classical techniques that review some of the fundamental concepts and formulations in the general field of dynamics. Next, it builds on these concepts in order to demonstrate the use of the methods as the foundation for the study of computational dynamics. Finally, the book presents different computational methodologies used in the computer–aided analysis of mechanical and aerospace systems.

Each chapter features simple examples that show the main ideas and procedures, as well as straightforward problem sets that facilitate learning and help readers build problem–solving skills.

Clearly written and ready to apply, Computational Dynamics, Second Edition is a valuable reference for both aspiring and practicing mechanical and aerospace engineers.


A modern introduction to the concepts, definitions and techniques used in multibody dynamics. Covers essential topics regarding kinematics and dynamics of motion in three dimensions with analytical development including Lagrangian and Hamiltonian methods as well as Newton-Euler equations. Uses computational techniques throughout to illustrate methods of solutions for authentic engineering problems.



Modern mechanical and aerospace systems are often very complex and consist of many components interconnected by joints and force elements such as springs, dampers, and actuators. 最初のページを読む
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Clear, complete, very useful 2001/10/23
投稿者 D. Jung - (
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This is a great book. Very well written and easy to follow. I bought this because I wanted to know how to implement a constrained Newtonian physics engine. This book provided almost everything I needed to know. My only complaints are that there could be a bit more detail on computer techniques, and the math notation used seems unlike any other sources on the same subject I've come accross. Also, the information on modeling contact friction is sparse.
(Note that I read the e-book version, unfortunately. I assume the content is identical though. I'll never buy an Adobe format e-book again [see my review of the e-version])
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