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Coach K: Building the Duke Dynasty : The Story of Mike Krzyzewski and the Winning Tradition at Duke University

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Coach K: Building the Duke Dynasty : The Story of Mike Krzyzewski and the Winning Tradition at Duke University [ペーパーバック]

Gregg Doyel




His name is Mke Krzyzewski. You can call him Coach K. And he has the basketball team that can't be beaten -- Duke is a powerhouse, thanks to the winning tradition this coach has created at Duke University.



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5つ星のうち 1.0 Doyel leads with the heart... 2005/11/4
投稿者 booty poppin - (Amazon.com)
Gregg Doyel represents what all college hoops beat writers should aspire to. He name drops(ok, anonymous source drops), insinuates and unleashes tawdry details, often authenticated or handed to him by "reliable sources who shall remain unnamed." He participates in mud-slinging and name calling as often as possible, often opening the door to the rational, intelligent discussion of college hoops. He doesn't let facts get in his way, and allows for his unbiased theories and fantasies about the world of college hoops to open the eyes of ignorant fans. You might wonder why Gregg (two Gs dude) rarely interviews coaches especially when he may be writing about them. Let's face it, Gregg possesses a well of knowledge that is deeper (and sexier) than that of Coach K, John Wooden, Red Auerbach, Einstein, and Jesus combined.

Ok, all hyperbole aside this book is terrible. I would have loved to hear some original content about what Coach had to say in regards to building the prototypical powerhouse program. Unfortunately, Doyel probably did not get off his pockmarked ass in the process of writing this book, ripping off all the information contained within from sources like DBR, or from gleaning information from Coach K's book (which, by the way, is everything this book is not.) This book will not reveal anything new to even the most casual duke fan.

Sadly, Doyel is dismissed by all members of the college hoops community, from the casual fan to a coaching legend such as Coach K. He has routinely shown himself to be unreliable in reporting the FACTS involved in a story, and far too often limbos below the level of those who make personal attacks against him. He is a hypocrite, lambasting someone's actions one minute, and then praising them the next. He rarely owns up to his inaccuracies (notice that he never apologized for his crap article on the myron piggie BS) and pretends as though no ineptitude ever took place. He is the college basketball equivalent of a Rush Limbaugh, relying on inflammatory remarks to bring attention to his articles and giving hits to his website. Hopefully people will learn to ignore him and he too will enter rehab for his chronic abuse of oxycontin/bestiality.

In summary, boring book, poorly written by a man who is more of a blogger than a journalist. Do not read this book or your face might melt like all those dudes in "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
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5つ星のうち 1.0 Doyel is the 100% cure for insomnia 2002/11/6
投稿者 "35164654684" - (Amazon.com)
This book was nothing more than a carbon copy of the expanded Duke Basketball media guide. Its like Doyel simply copied numerical factoids out of the ACC statistics books. If I wanted to read a book on numbers I'd dust off my college calculus book. Don't waste your money.
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5つ星のうち 1.0 Not worth the time to read it, or the money to buy it 2005/11/4
投稿者 David K. Semrow - (Amazon.com)
Poorly written and without a shred of any real insight, this "book" has no real redeeming qualities. Doyel needs to stick to his online gig in the daily online tabloids if this is the best quality he can summon in prose form.

Save your money.
17 人中、15人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 1.0 Shoddy Work 2005/11/4
投稿者 Sharpie's Lair - (Amazon.com)
I'm embarrassed to call this a book. It's nothing more than a glorified press release. No wonder Coach K had nothing to do with this 5th grade book report. Very bad.
11 人中、10人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
5つ星のうち 1.0 Not even worth reading while on the toilet... 2005/11/4
投稿者 Wexler - (Amazon.com)
I think Doyel had a 4 year-old ghost write this book for him. My only regret aside from reading this piece of garbage is that you can't give negative stars for a rating.
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