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Choral Masterpieces がカートに入りました

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Choral Masterpieces Import

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曲名 収録時間 価格
  1. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 1 "We Praise Thee, O God" (Handel) 3:49¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  2. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 2 "All The Earth Doth Worship Thee" (Handel) 2:40¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  3. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 3 "To Thee All Angels Cry Aloud" (Handel) 2:21¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  4. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 4 "To Thee Chrubim And Seraphim" (Handel) 3:28¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  5. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 5 "The Glorious Company Of Th'Apostles" - No. 5B "Thine Honourable, True And Only Son" (Handel) 3:01¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  6. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 6 "Thou Art The King Of Glory" (Handel) 2:42¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  7. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 7 "When Thou Tookst Upon Thee" (Handel) 3:13¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  8. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 8 "When Thou Hadst Overcome The Sharpness Of Death" - No. 8B "Thou Didst Open The Kingdom Of Heaven" (Handel) 2:06¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  9. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 9 "Thou Sittest At The Right Hand Of God" (Handel) 2:54¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
10. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 9B "We Therefore Pray Thee" (Handel) 1:59¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
11. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 10 "Make Them To Be Number'D" (Handel) 2:00¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
12. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 11 "Day By Day We Magnify Thee" - No. 11B "And We Worship Thy Name" (Handel) 3:22¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
13. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 12 "Vouchsafe, O Lord" (Handel) 1:50¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
14. Dettingen Te Deum, Te Deum Laudamus: No. 13 "O Lord, In Thee Have I Trusted" (Handel) 3:50¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
15. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Dixit Dominus" (Handel) 5:28¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
16. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Virgam Virtutis" (Handel) 2:42¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
17. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Tecum Principium" (Handel) 2:53¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
18. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Juravit Dominus" (Handel) 2:21¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
19. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Tu Es Sacerdos" (Handel) 1:42¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
20. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Dominus A Dextris Tuis" (Handel) 5:35¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
21. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Conquassabit" (Handel) 1:02¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
22. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "De Torrente In Via" (Handel) 3:01¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
23. Dixit Dominus, Psalm 110: "Gloria Patri" (Handel) 6:47¥ 150  楽曲を購入 



Nobody could do Royal celebrations quite like Handel: witness his perennially popular Water Music and Fireworks Music. Beating the French was always a good excuse for a musical knees-up, so after the battle of Dettingen in 1743, in which British and Hanoverian troops under the leadership of George II no less, trounced them once again, Handel was quick to catch the nation's celebratory mood with a joyful English-language setting of the Te Deum ("We praise thee, O Lord"). It's an exuberant work in the tradition of his large-scale oratorios (The Messiah had been premiered just two years earlier) given a suitably boisterous rendition here by the Swiss Radio choir, soloists and period-instrument group, Ensemble Vanitas. The reverberant live recording in the Church of San Sempliciano, Milan isn't kind to either the soloists' or choir's English diction, but the overall tenor of the performance makes up in energy what it lacks in such detail. The Dixit Dominus is a smaller-scale work, written much earlier in Handel's life during his stay in Rome in 1707 when the young composer was still absorbing the Italianate style of Scarlatti and Corelli. Again, this is a live recording, but the acoustic of Lugano Cathedral suits the music well, as is only to be expected for a professedly sacred work (the victorious boasting of the Te Deum is unashamedly secular, despite the text). It's a fine coupling, and if the performances aren't especially subtle, neither is the music. --Mark Walker




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