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Beginning XHTML (Programmer to Programmer)

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Beginning XHTML (Programmer to Programmer) [ペーパーバック]

Dave Raggett , Jenny Raggett , Ted Wugofski , Cassandra Greer , Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer , Frank Boumphrey


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XML (eXtensible markup language) is the newest markup standard for the Internet - it is the new HTML. XHTML is a language that uses the vocabulary of HTML and the syntax of XML, and as such makes the best of both worlds. It allows you to markup pages with the simplicity of HTML, but has additional power, because it is extensible, which means that you can create your own tags. As we move forward to a world where we can access the Internet via devices other than the browser, XHTML will become increasingly important, allowing you to write the same content once, which can then be viewed in a variety of ways.


This book is for anyone wanting to mark up web pages and use scripting to enhance the quality of their pages. It will be useful for those who wish to enter the world of web development with an advantage over existing developers, for those who are already developing pages and wish to stay current with the latest technological changes, and for those who want to access new markets and reduce their workload.


Frank Boumphrey currently works for Cormorant Consulting, a firm that specializes in medical and legal documentation.

He started programming in the dark ages of punch cards and machine language. One of his first projects was to help write a program that differentiated between an incoming Soviet ICBM and a flock of geese. The fact that we are reading this is evidence that it probably worked!

Semi-retirement returned him to his first interest of computing and now he tries to get medical institutions to organize their medical records in a semi rational fashion, and on the side lectures to medical personal and healthcare executives on documentation issues.

His main objective at the present is to help XML to become the language of choice in web documents.

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