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Beginning Php 4 Databases

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Beginning Php 4 Databases [ペーパーバック]

Andrew Hill , Chris Lea , Christopher Scollo , Deepak Thomas , Harish Rawat , Jim Hubbard , Sanjay Abraham , Adbul Wahid


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PHP Fundamentals
Database Systems
Understanding Relational Databases
The Structured Query Language
More SQL: Data Manipulation and Retrieval
Data Consistency
Stored Procedures and Cursors
PHP & Relational Databases
Dissecting PEAR::DB
Case Study: Using PEAR::DB - An Accounts Receivable App
Case Study: Using ORDB PostgreSQL - A Library Automation App, XML-Native Databases,
Case Study: Using Xindice - A Recipe Exchange
Case Study: Using Virtuoso

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