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Ancient Music in the Pines: In Zen Mind Suddenly Stops (英語) ペーパーバック – 2011/5/31

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  • ペーパーバック: 158ページ
  • 出版社: Osho Intl; Pap/DVD版 (2011/5/31)
  • 言語: 英語
  • ISBN-10: 0984444424
  • ISBN-13: 978-0984444427
  • 発売日: 2011/5/31
  • 商品パッケージの寸法: 1.3 x 15.9 x 23.5 cm
  • Amazon 売れ筋ランキング: 洋書 - 1,389,858位 (洋書の売れ筋ランキングを見る)
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Another good book by Osho on Zen 2013/8/17
投稿者 smallstocktrader - (
形式: ペーパーバック
Ancient Music in the Pines is another very nice and simple book by Osho on Zen with some pieces of wisdom like:

* Zen is exactly like burglary: it is an art, it is not a science; it is feminine, it is not male; it is not aggressive, it is receptive; it is not a well-planned methodology; it is a spontaneity. It has nothing to do with theories, hypotheses, doctrines, scriptures; it has something to do with only one thing - that is, awareness;
* A Buddha is not a man of concentration, he is a man of awareness. Meditation is not concentration but relaxation - one simply relaxes into oneself. The more you relax, the more you feel yourself open;
* You don't know much about yourself; you know just a fragment about yourself, just the tip of the iceberg. Your knowledge about yourself is very limited - not only limited, it is almost irrelevant! It is so partial, it is so fragmentary that unless you put it in the context with your whole being it carries no meaning. It is almost meaningless;
* All people who are creative are close to religion. Religion is the greatest creativity because it is an effort to give birth to yourself, to become a father and mother to yourself, to be born again, to be reborn through meditation, through awareness;
* People can understand complex things but they cannot understand simple things. Because a complex thing can be divided, analyzed, logically tackled, but what is to be done with a simple thing? You cannot analyze it, you cannot cut it into pieces, you cannot dissect it - there is nothing to dissect. It is so simple. And because it is so simple you miss it.

As always, I would also like to share a few small tips on zen/psychology/self-help from me (im my little understanding/practice of Zen):

* Zen is all about self-study/knowledge and self-help;
* Zen is just a lifestyle, your everyday life. It is doing your best at your job, relationships, health, hobbies, and other daily activities;
* You can only practice Zen, there is almost no theory. Basically if you fully focus on your daily activities without accompanying thoughts, devote some little time to meditation each day, and keep in mind the above few simple Zen principles, perhaps that is all Zen is about;
* Zen tells you to accept the reality and focus on the moment;
* Meditate (aside from zazen, cooking, cleaning, reading/studying, and sporting are also important parts of a Zen monk's lifestyle);
* Just be your(best)self and count on yourself without comparing yourself and competing with others;
* Master your mind (If you do not master your mind, you will become; its slave for the rest of your short life - perhaps the only life you have);
* Zen tells you to have no ego and be open/empty-minded;

I hope that the above few tips were a little helpful for you.

Quote: Keep it simple and focus only on the few most important things. Simplicity may also mean an efficient use of your little time, money, and abilities/skills by focusing only on the few most important things - Mika
An excelent book, its first edition was in 1977 2011/11/5
投稿者 Juan A. T. Fuentes - (
形式: ペーパーバック
I read the edition of 1977. The book is the same except that chapters 1 and 2 were changed.
Because the price and the DVD included I will buy this book again.
Really, I can understand ZEN only reading Osho. He is the best.
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Ancient Music in the Pines 2013/1/3
投稿者 manuel vertiz - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
Osho for me is a translator a dictionary of any doubt you may have, his simplicity, his genious mind and wisdom is incredible. This book is beautifull showing you your ying and yang melting toghether to become one, the reality to become one to surrender in silence to listen to the music in the pines, the existence, your inner sound, your god, the truth, to live fully any experience to accept life the way it is, it is Divine everything is the way it should be dont try to change life but live the present awake and consious like an obserber "Be a withness of your awarness" here and now. Silence is the way to pray, silence is the religion like Zen. Silence is the way to encounter with your heart, your soul, your God. We are the one.
Osho is with no doubt the more clear master that i have ever read and has change my life totally, i started reading him 13 months ago and i cannot stop reading his wisdom every single day i have read 55 of his books in this time and meditating 2 hrs every day no more news in t.v. or traditions or waste of time. Read many books so you know this man, because if you read 10 or less he will confuss you he knows how to get you and i am very glad. If you want to share my mail is
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Much Wisdom Here 2013/2/10
投稿者 Steven McGill - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
I'm fairly new to the world of Osho, this being the fifth book of his that I have read. But of all wise teachers that I have read - Krishnamurti, ParamahansaYogananda, and others, Osho stands out for me as being the most enlightening. There is a clarity and directness in his words that cuts through all possible ambiguities and reaches into the core of human existence. All of his books are slow reads, but in a good way, because I find myself spending more time putting the book down in order to digest his lessons and assimilating them into my life than I do reading the actual pages. Osho is challenging. You can't come to any of his books clinging to beliefs. You have to come openly, humbly, willing to question all of your own perspectives and assumptions.

Highlights in this book included the following lines:

"This is the difference between a real religious person and a so-called religious person. The so-called religious person always looks to the rule, he always thinks of what is proper and what is not proper. But a really religious person lives it; there is nothing proper and improper for him. Compassion is so infinitely proper that whatsoever you do through compassion automatically becomes proper" (57).

"Each individual has to come to [truth] alone, each individual has to come to it again and again. It can never become available in the market. You will have to pass through the hardship, you will have to seek and search..." (65).

"Truth is independent of all opinions. What you think about truth is irrelevant; in fact, because you think, you will not be able to know what is. That which is can be known only when all thinking stops, when all opinions are thrown away" (154).

I interpret the phrase "ancient music in the pines" as a metaphor for the inner voice, or the voice of God, or the voice of Nature. When one learns to let go of ambition and the desire to achieve, one becomes more quiet within; the mind recedes to the background and the inner voice therefore becomes more audible. Osho insists that one must get in the habit of meditating, of quieting the mind, so that one's life becomes a meditation. He urges us that the only way to move past fear of death is to constantly re-discover the deathless self - the Witness, as he calls it - through meditation. Nor is he dogmatic about meditation techniques. Meditation, he says, is an artless art. It is "your intrinsic nature," he says. "It is you, it is your being. It has nothing to do with your doings" (109).

This book is incredible. Buy it. Read it. Digest it. Live it.
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