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Adaptive Control: Second Edition (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering) (英語) ペーパーバック – 2008/12/18

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Adaptive Control: Second Edition (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering) + Robust Adaptive Control (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering)
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Suitable for advanced undergraduates and graduate students, this text introduces theoretical and practical aspects of adaptive control. It offers an excellent perspective on techniques as well as an active knowledge of key approaches. Readers will acquire a well-developed sense of when to use adaptive techniques and when other methods are more appropriate.
Starting with a broad overview, the text explores real-time estimation, self-tuning regulators and model-reference adaptive systems, stochastic adaptive control, and automatic tuning of regulators. Additional topics include gain scheduling, robust high-gain control and self-oscillating controllers, and suggestions for implementing adaptive controllers. Concluding chapters feature a summary of applications and a brief review of additional areas closely related to adaptive control.
Both authors are Professors at the Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden, and this text has evolved from their many years of research and teaching. Their insights into properties, design procedures, and implementation of adaptive controllers are complemented by the numerous examples, simulations, and problems that appear throughout the book.


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Surprisingly Relaxing Read 2012/11/3
投稿者 jimmers - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
Enjoyable read. Having just completed my bachelor's, this book is in the adjacent possible of books I should read to continue my education. The book is an easy read and doesn't feel like a chore at all. Topic progression is well laid out. I've only touched upon the first 3 chapters in any detail but, skimming through the rest, the book seems to be very very useful.

A note about one of the reviewers saying it lacks rigor: that may be true in some sense. Maybe that's why I like it to be read. But I find, that, if you're trying to get intuition about a subject (i.e., understand it in the first place), some of the details (rigor) just get in the way. This books is presented in a manner Einstein would embrace - "Make things as simple as possible but no simpler."

Also - I have this book and Stable Adaptive Systems by Narendra, which is a much harsher read. This book has bigger font, clearer presentation of each topic, and is a better overall book in my opinion.
7 人中、7人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
A useful book for practising engineers 2011/2/19
投稿者 D. Newton - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
This book is useful for practising engineers in industry. It has a good selection of concrete examples that are accompanied by graphs. This makes an appealing combination. The book is very nicely laid out and is a pleasure to read. I showed this book to a colleague who also greeted it with enthusiasm. Busy engineers have limited time to devote to learning in depth new aspects of subjects relevant to their field. However, they can benefit from even a limited grasp of the contents of books of this type because such books often give engineers ideas for solving their practical, and sometimes pressing, problems.
12 人中、10人の方が、「このレビューが参考になった」と投票しています。
Good book, but lacking some detail 2009/10/22
投稿者 G. L. Sinsley - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
I'm using this book in an introductory adaptive control class. This book is well suited for that purpose because it is relatively straightforward to read. Unfortunately, it lacks a lot of rigorous mathematical detail, so if you want to do any kind of research in adaptive control your going to need a more advanced book.
some say it is not very helpful 2014/7/22
投稿者 Zhe yang - (
形式: Kindle版 Amazonで購入
This latest edition of book left out some development especially considering STR topics are scarce in the literature.
Five Stars 2014/9/17
投稿者 Flávio Abrantes - (
形式: ペーパーバック Amazonで購入
Good book in adaptative control!
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