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Handel: Acis and Galatea / Christie, Les Arts Florissants Import

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  • 演奏: Sophie Daneman, Patricia Petibon, Paul Agnew, Joseph Cornwell, Alan Ewing
  • オーケストラ: Les Arts Florissants
  • 指揮: William Christie
  • 作曲: George Frideric Handel
  • CD (1999/7/7)
  • SPARSコード: DDD
  • ディスク枚数: 2
  • フォーマット: Import
  • レーベル: Elektra / Wea
  • ASIN: B00001SIBI
  • EAN: 0639842550529
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曲名 収録時間 価格
  1. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 Sinfonia 3:15¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  2. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Oh, the pleasure of the plains!" [Chorus] 4:47¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  3. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Ye verdant plains and woody mountains" [Galatea]0:42¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  4. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Hush, ye pretty warbling quire" [Galatea] 6:29¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  5. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Where shall I seek the charming fair?" [Acis] 3:02¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  6. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Stay, shepherd, stay!" [Damon]0:19¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  7. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Shepherd, what art thou pursuing" [Damon] 3:58¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  8. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Lo! Here my love" [Acis]0:24¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
  9. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Love in her eyes sits playing" [Acis] 6:11¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
10. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Oh! Didst thou know the pains" [Galatea]0:13¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
11. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "As when the dove laments her love" [Galatea] 6:08¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
12. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Happy we!" [Acis, Galatea] 2:40¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
13. Acis and Galatea : Act 1 "Happy we!" [Chorus] 1:11¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
14. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Wretched lovers!" [Chorus] 4:22¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
15. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "I rage, I melt, I burn" [Polyphemus] 1:14¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
16. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "O ruddier than the cherry" [Polyphemus] 3:02¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
17. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Whither, fairest, art thou running" [Polyphemus, Galatea]0:55¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
18. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Cease to beauty to be suing" [Polyphemus] 4:26¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
19. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Would you gain the tender creature" [Damon] 5:39¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
20. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "His hideous love provokes my rage" [Acis]0:21¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
21. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Love sounds th'alarm" [Acis] 4:32¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
22. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Consider, fond shepherd" [Coridon] 6:33¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
23. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Cease, oh cease, thou gentle youth" [Galatea]0:24¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
24. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "The flocks shall leave the mountains" [Acis, Galatea, Polyphemus] 2:14¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
25. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Help, Galatea! Help, ye parent gods" [Acis] 1:14¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
26. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Mourn, all ye muses!" [Chorus] 3:42¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
27. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Must I my Acis still bemoan" [Galatea, Chorus] 6:05¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
28. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "'Tis done - thus I exert pow'r divine" [Galatea]0:26¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
29. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Heart, the seat of soft delight" [Galatea] 3:35¥ 150  楽曲を購入 
30. Acis and Galatea : Act 2 "Galatea, dry thy tears" [Chorus] 3:02¥ 150  楽曲を購入 



Handel's sunny pastorale ("oratorio" seems too imposing a word) Acis and Galatea is just the thing to cheer you up if you're feeling gloomy, its bittersweet ending notwithstanding. It gets performed and recorded these days in several different versions, ranging from Handel's chamber-scaled 1718 original (using only five soloists, who also make up the chorus) to a German-language arrangement by Mozart with four-part choir and orchestra. William Christie's version follows the one that Handel used for a 1739 revival of the piece, in which he gave the sidekick role of Damon (originally for tenor) to a boy soprano and tacked onto Acis and Galatea's duet "Happy We" a choral reprise. The gentle nymph Galatea is the perfect role for Sophie Daneman's light soprano; Paul Agnew's gorgeous tenor is just as well suited to Acis--ardent and brave, yet light enough that you can believe the giant Polyphemus could crush him with a rock. Because he's the villain, Polyphemus is one of the few characters at whose stupidity one can laugh without feeling mean-spirited; the only problem with Alan Ewing's beautifully sung reading is that it's not very funny--it's perhaps too musically nuanced for a character that dumb. As Damon, Patricia Petibon sounds a bit ripe for a shepherd boy, but she's superb, and her embellishments are ingenious (if not particularly spontaneous); tenor Joseph Cornwell as Coridon gives a marvellous (and surprisingly robust) rendition of "Would You Gain The Tender Creature". Conductor William Christie has chosen well--not just his singers but also his tempi: for example, "Must I My Acis Still Bemoan" is much slower than usual, and much more convincingly sad. We think of Christie as a French baroque specialist, but he shows a real feeling for Handel here. --Matthew Westphal




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